motobecane engine swap

Hi everyone! I want to put an A10 (with reeds) engine with a 19mm Dellorto on my 1970 model 88 mobylette. My mobylette has the mobymatic clutch and engine springs and currently an A7 engine.

Has anyone done this conversion? What problems might I encounter? How can I overcome the problems? Thanks for all your help!!!


Re: motobecane engine swap

Get a better job and prepare to spend money$$$$$$$$$

Re: motobecane engine swap

alot of money.

alot alot.

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so all I have to do is buy

av10 case

av10 kit

reed block intake

19mm carb

anything else


Re: motobecane engine swap

av10 case




av10 kit

(ideally) av10 crank

av10 cdi assy










Re: motobecane engine swap



+voodoo magic

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hey guys come on! I really need some help. I really want to make the swap...I have the possibility of purchasing an A10 engine and want to know if anyone has installed the A10 engine in a 1970 model 88 mobylette with spring engine.

Without being able to talk to someone who has done the swap I might come up with some problems that are insurmountable. I am especially concerned about the carburetor clearance. It also appears to me that I will have to use an A7 model head.

IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME? Pleeezzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee....................

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search function. use it.

Re: motobecane engine swap

yeah, there was a moby-plosion on these boards recently

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You need a lot more info and these people are just warning you (in their own way) of that before you start down a long and winding road.

There's a lot of info in the wiki on this. Simply put, you are also going to need a way of mounting the lower engine spring, and if using a kit, a stiffer than stock spring. I would keep the stock variator if you have one already.

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look for davey he did it.

I have a new crankcase, crank for the AV10, variator, 47mm cylinder kit, cylinder head for the AV10, gasket kit, also some stock AV10 intakes and reed valves. And the spring brackets for the conversion.. I have not done one yet but will as I have extra kits here.

If you are serious then ask davey he had a thread a while back for his conversion


Re: motobecane engine swap

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