50cc tccd questions

Anybody ever run anything similar to my setup?

50cc tccd matched transfers

Stock de-restricted pipe

14 bing and high flow bing filter

50cc hi comp head..

68 jet

Right now top speed on the flats is 35 gps'd.. For the life of me I cant get this thing to idle... I have to fire it up at half throttle, and anything less than about 1/4 throttle and it will die... Its a pain at stoplights... Could this have something to do with my pipe? Should I just get a new pipe before I even try to tune it? My plug looks decent, a little lean. I have checked for airleaks, nothing major, i dont know.. Thought maybe you guys could help


Re: 50cc tccd questions

nothing major on the airleaks? get rid of all airleaks period.

Also make sure timing is legit.

Re: 50cc tccd questions

yeah timings good. Thats just the thing though... I cant get it to idle to check for leaks... If I held it at like half throtttle and then sprayed carb cleaner and checked for leaks, would that work?

Re: 50cc tccd questions

that's exactly what you need to do. spray EVERYWHERE there is a surface change. carb to intake, intake to cylinder, cylinder to head, cylinder to case, exhaust. EVERYWHERE. have a friend help

Re: 50cc tccd questions

i've got almost the same setup just with a bullet pipe and the stock airbox, and i struggled with the same thing.

here's my advice, ditch the high flow filter. it makes jetting inconsistent. i had that filter on mine, and stepping back down to the stock airbox made life a lot easier. stock bing carbs like the stock airbox.

also, i think you're jetted too rich. i'm at a 62 jet in 30 degree weather with a performance pipe. ghost rider amy is also running the same setup and was down to a 58 during the summer and was thinking about going to a 56.

get a performance pipe! kits with stock pipes are total snoozeville. i'd recommend the techno circuit. these 50 tccd kits have shitty bottom end already, get a pipe that will help.

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How about getting the leaks resolved, ck the seals also, using a Estoril pipe and making a intake to accomodate a 16mm PHBG. Quite an upgrade and $ but it would work

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my experience is that 50cc tccds do not like to idle with a bing. i put a 16mm phbg on mine and it runs/idles a lot better.

Re: 50cc tccd questions

why won't it idle?

when it dies is your plug soaked in fuel or is it bone dry?

What size needle jet is in your bing? if you have too much gas at idle and its a 2.22 try switching it with a 2.17

Re: 50cc tccd questions

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

get an estoril. They complete one another.

We've had 2 run on bings and they never idled. SHA's also struggle to idle. I think PHBG would be optimal.

Re: 50cc tccd questions

tccd + phbg + estoril is a really nice set up.

Re: 50cc tccd questions

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

yea i bet. thats coming soon here. Low end plus top end. Wow.

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I think a lot of the idle problems come from using the larger 14mm bing. You may be able to better top speed out it but its idle circuit is too rich. In the wiki they call the jet holder which is weird but that part comes in numbers like a jet. I believe 14 and 15 bings run a 2.22. If you have others bings you might want to try a different jet holder but keep the same jet and that might help the problem.

Here at 77 we've better luck with stock cylinders we've had better luck 12mm bings and SHA's. They actually went faster and wanted to idle. I think it all has to do with the idle gas/air mixture.

16 PHBG is good choice too because you can tune them more easily. It's an expensive option though.

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what size phbg would you run on the 50 kit? seth, how's your low end with that setup?

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The intake port of the TCCD has about as much surface area as a 16mm carb, so any bigger than a 16mm delorio would be a waste unless you port the cylinder.

My bet is that you are just rich. With a Proma GP and and 14mm drilled out bing, and the stock air box (without the snorkel) I was running a low 50s jet. Pretty sure 54 was what we ended up with. And when it was rich it wouldn't idle, especially after it warmed up.

Also don't just time it to stock timing, advance it like almost all the way. If you have a meter and a timing tool set it to like 2mm before TDC. If you don't have the tools to measure it just advance it almost all the way. Timing is a huge deal with these kits, Me and GabeB turned his bike from a non-idling 30 mph turd to a decent ride in about 15 minutes by advancing the timing.

Then tighten up your clutch to compensate for the low end and you should be rocking.

Of course all of this comes after you have fixed any air leaks.

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listen to shawh and josh; this sounds like the common bing rich idle problem (if no air leaks etc). if it's too rich and fouling at idle, but already lean at wot so can't drop main jet anymore, and dropping the needle is not enough to lean out the idle, you need a smaller needle jet/jet holder.

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fixed it. Remedy= put on stock air boX. Idles like a dream now. By needle holder, do you guys mean the metal disk that clips onto the needle??

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the needle jet i was referring too is the brass tube that your main jet screws into. the size of this tube determines how much gas can get through the carb at idle. With more air flow it will pull more gas, but often (as you now know) its way to much. Most of the time this tube is a size 2.22, if you make the tube smaller (like a 2.17 or a 2.20) then you are reducing the amount of gas you will get at idle.

The clip that you are talking about determines how much gas your are getting from 1/4 throttle until 3/4 throttle. At WOT the needle is no longer a factor and only main jet size determines rich or lean.

Re: 50cc tccd questions

is your head on right?

Re: 50cc tccd questions

Zack Rineer /

dude i just posted about the 70tccd not idling.....

although i bought it from a guy on the forum.. he said it was 70cc but im thinkin its really a 50cc...

how can i tell?

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