making a piston ported cylinder?

im not really sure even how these work, but since performance kits have that extra port opposite the exhaust port, could you convert a stock cylinder/piston to be piston ported?

is that even the right word for them?

is that just an extra transfer port?

does the case have to be widened at the top on a kit with that port?

Re: making a piston ported cylinder?

shit talkin' hippy /

yeah it's called a boost port, make it line up with the top edge of your transfer ports and add a matching window in yer piston so its open to the case when it's at the bottom stroke, be careful of putting it in a spot where the rings may snag, or short circuit your intake charge by having the window open to the intke port, thats bad. do some reserch, read some books and you'll understand it

Re: making a piston ported cylinder?

All engines that don't have reeds are piston ported except rotary valve units----probably other exceptions. What you are looking at are transfer ports or boost ports. If the transfer port extends to where the cylinder contacts the case you would need to make the case match up. The boost port configuration with port holes in piston are the easiest to mod a stock cyl with and help cool the piston crown as well as provide an additional route for case gasses to enter the combustion side. Whatever you see on these kits you can do to a stk cyl if you can squeeze it all in.

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