puch polini low end slooow

so i normally don't post and try to find this however i've searched and not found much.

working on a puch where i basically built it from the ground up.

starts and runs.

idle sounds good.

however when i start out the bottom end is slooooow.

it's not boggy from too much gas, because it doesn't sound like it and it doesn't shut off.

It does take forever to get going from a stop, like its winding hard or something? if that makes any sense.

once i get going, it speeds up well and then i can feel my pipe kick in even and haul ass.

after i ride if i pull the plug and look at it, good color.

just a little bit boggled.

im running:

e50, polini, 16 phbg, all new seals bearings internals, racing crank. malossi filter, simonini, 3 shoe clutch (paz springs)

phbg tuning issue? clutch tuning issue with springs?

if that helps any. any suggestions would be helpful.

first build and still learning :)

Re: puch polini low end slooow


simos are not low end pipes and your carb could be wayyyyyyy bigger also, whats your gearing?

Re: puch polini low end slooow

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

its your ignition. Whats your timing? Most people recommend running full advance, I'd advocate right in the middle of the stator with a stock point gap (.016-.020") and go from there.

Thats where your power is at.

Re: puch polini low end slooow


ZACH PLEASE CALL ME!!!! this is lee creature (zach creature). i want to know what you do all day. seriously. i had your number but then i destroyed my phone and lost it. call mee 415-812-8554

Re: puch polini low end slooow

play with the clutch spring tightness

Re: puch polini low end slooow

i know simo is a high end pipe. it's the shit when it kicks in thats for sure.

but like i stated previously, i could wot throttle at a stop (no bog whatsoever) and basically have to push myself to even get going.

and once im kind of going then im good and then end up taking off

stator already full advance

points set to .016

3 shoe clutch set up for 720 out or whatever (i couldnt find the thread i originally read everyone talking about it on)

i'll mess with stator some

if it's clutch i should set it a little more lose?

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BootyClap Ninja /

I believe the problem would be your clutch.

Tighten those springs down more. I would say One turn out (360 degrees) out from fully in. Also synthetic gear oil might help as well.

Had this problem with a polini kit as well when was confident the point was correctly set. Tune that clutch yo.!

Re: puch polini low end slooow

ok i'll try that.

what type of synth

right now i have atf f in it....

Re: puch polini low end slooow

you can use synthetic ATF or synthetic 10w-30 too, i think.

Re: puch polini low end slooow

BootyClap Ninja /

I personally use Motul transoil but any Synthetic 10w30 will be great.

ATF in my opinion is bit too thick.

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What the hell are you calling full advance? the stator turned to the point that it can't turn any more? with new points, that could put your combustion well over a reasonable advance, and you would lose all low end, and be running very hot since more of the gas would be burning or already burnt at full compression. you need the gas to not reach it's full burn til after TDC to get the full power expansion on the downstroke. Set your timing at about 2mm before TDC (a good advance, keep the same point gap) and see how that does.

also, does the engine rev out and not have low-end, or does it sound like it's struglling to get going? I don't know what you mean by winding hard.

if it's revving out (sounds like the engine is going very fast, but no clutch grab) you may need to loosen those clutch screws a little more. If it sounds like the engine slows down and struggles, you may need to tighten them so they slip a bit more and find a power band before grabbing.

Re: puch polini low end slooow

i would think it's the clutch before stator and timing?

i've read ALOT about setting the timing on a puch for a while to make sure i got mine right. i've messed with a few different settings and still have this problem.

engine definitely doesn't slow down and struggle.

sounds like the engine is going (except i'm not going anywhere haha).

then, like i previously stated after I'm going a little bit everything is fine and dandy.

i was about to pull the clutch tonight and tighten it from what was said above...

just so i know for future reference and don't get mixed up....

on the clutch tightening vs loosening attains what i both ends?

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