'78 Batavus Starflite

attached you'll find a picture, the circles are of the cuts I am about to do on my bike this weekend. the line is my concern as my silencer cone only has 11inches to move before i'd have to make a 3 to 4 inch move out to be able to have pedal clearance. i am going to try and see how this performs and may not miss my pedals. i was thinking of angling the silencer back the other direction so that i'd only have about 1.5 to 2.5 inches for clearance(thats a fat chamber).

this will remove about 14 to 16 inches from the pipe and resemble the Puch version of the Estoril very much. does this look about right to you guys?

has anyone ever put a Uni air filter on one of these bikes? I am messing around with pantyhouse and stock filter. the stock performs better..

will be doing some porting as i found the info on wiki. both intake and exhaust. both look relatively easy.

thanks guys.


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yah cut where the circles are and weld them together, worry about clearence after you get it running good

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If you have the original header that came with the pipe I would try to replicate the distance from the header to the chamber if I were you. Only because these things are designed for a certain length most of the time. Just do a rough mock up

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this guy's site is kind of hidden. I don't know why the links don't work for me, but this should help you out a lot!

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thanks for the link. very helpful.

it is really cold here right now so i took the engine appart, replaced the studs, cleaned up the engine, lightly milled and decked the engine, and mostly worked on the exhaust port. need to finish polishing it up. i did put it back on the bike for now just to test it. everything works great, solid idle.

going to drive over to the muffler place tomorrow and get this work finished up on the exhaust.

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Dude where did you get new studs??? I'm probably going to go to a hardware store and just cut some threaded rods to length unless you know of something I don't.

Just for safety precautions because I don't want them to break on me.

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Also I wanted to add, the stock filter performs better because your jet is probably a #56 (if you have the 30mph version starflite like myself)

My ped works better w/ holes drilled into the stock airbox/Uni pod filter because the original owners left the #58 break in jet in the carb hehe. When I put the exhaust on I'm going to be wary of yet another jet upgrade though.

U have aim? hit me up boardtrickster33

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as far as studs go, i would think the tomos studs would work from treats. the ones i used were from an old parts engine i bought on ebay so not much help for you there...

i am thinking i will get a UNI air filter sooner than later. I have got jets ranging from 46 to 60. i had the 60 in and it was sluggish, put the 56 in and i am good for right now, again stock filter right now.

i took the pipe in today and they will have it ready for me tomorrow. i taped and tested it today. was a bit better than i remember my stock pipe to be, only hit 30 on flats tho. again it was taped on so...i'll probably ride tomorrow and report back after i thaw out.

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well i took the pipe in and went to pick it up just now and they didn't have it ready. i am going to work with them on it monday. i had it marked off where to weld and i am just going to pedal my bike over there, about a mile... and put it on for good measure.

i did find a way to have pedal clearance but the stand will not work, i have ordered a side stand for it now. really hoping i can make 35 with this thing. i'll need to work on timing and jetting a bit more to tune it in. but oh well its winter.

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Yeah I think I'm in need of a jet already too. Even though I have the 58 break in jet in there with this

It gets way better low end response I am very pleased. It was 16 dollars from a UNI dealer. Part number UP4200. Don't worry that it's 4 inches long (a tad long) it squishes to fit like a glove.

Waiting for my pipe too! ...to arrive though:(

From what I've read bing jets are identical to encarwi? I'm hoping u get to 35 man, but I'm not sure if these lauras will be able to handle it w/o port jobs.

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dude thank you for giving me that part number! seriously was looking at stuff last night i didn't know if it would work or not.

i did think of one thing for you, mopedjunkyard prolly has those studs...might be used though...

yes bing jets are what you want. and i would at least try going with a new 58 or 60 in there just to see if that works better for you. i bought 54 through 60 for my bat. and then 46 to 52 for my Tomos. if you are getting 35 different ones then shoot you are set.

i am bubbleman380 on aim.

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ok so i hadn't had my coffee when i replied to this today lol. i too hope for 35. Crazy Wayne/Fast Bat. has posted a lot of helpful info on the wiki that makes me think with a bit of work i can make it pretty easily.

if you don't mind emailing or posting the site you got that air filter from, i found one but will cost 25 bucks vs the 16.

if i were you i'd buy bing jets from treats in the range of 56 to 62. That way you are covered for summer and winter. if you are putting that pipe on 60 to 62 is what i am guessing you'll want. stock a new 58 or 60 should be good with that highflow filter. Now as far as what is posted on his ebay store, if you don't see it email him and see. all the sizes i purchased were not shown at first. he will post them for you.

i have started some porting, exhaust. i need to smooth it out though. that is what i am going to do tomorrow evening. i am thinking of delving into intake and carb but not wanting to mess them up...

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Thanks for the info man. I got my filter from a local UNI dealer called M & S sales and service. google em, they're from New holland, PA. They're a Suzuki dealer. Snowmobiles, ATV's etc. Any 2 stroke vehicle dealer should be able to get them for you. I was gawking at their hyabusa... yummmm.

Thanks for the tips on ordering from treats, and suggested jet sizes too!

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well i found a place in town that will order me the filter no probelem. seeing as i don't need it right away it is going to save me like 10 bucks, thanks for the help there.

tomorrow i am going to take appart the engine again and refine my exhaust port work. i will take pictures. hoping my side stand and other parts come in today or tomorrow so i can be all ready for remounting my pipe. if everything goes to plan i will be able to pedal and have a short header for my estoril. really which my tomos wouldn't have crapped out cuz that pipe was killer on it. just to many issues to make me confinent with that one...

did your pipe come in?

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Yeah man the pipe came!

I ran it with the air filter today and she's 2 mph slower w/o the air restriction, so I think my jet is too small already! Also I can tell the mountain dew can exhaust is holding me back... can't wait to get this pipe on! I'm really hoping the 2 stroke moped/motoXbike shop has bing jets (Millers cycles in Leola), otherwise I'll have to order from treatshq.

Definitely please take lots of pics/vid and post em. I'm doing port work in 3 weeks when winter break starts, so the more info I have, the better!

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Also I have never succeeded in removing my crank and that's what is holding me back from getting the engine case out of the frame. If you have any tips on how to get that big pulley out of the way post ur thoughts man.

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looks nice man.

i would say that a plug chop would be the best way to see if that jet is too small. if it's golden brown on the plug you are "golden" but if you see it white or black there is a problem, requiring rejetting.

i finished up some work today on my carb and intake. i dremled them open more and cleaned up the exhaust port more. i go to get my pipe fit on tomorrow. can't wait to get out and see what she does. i am not messing with to much right now as far as extreme porting/timing stuff. i don't feel confident with that right now.

will post pics soon. i don't have a good camera though...

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firstly, pics are coming this weekend, no worries!

ok i have the pipe on and unfortunately it didn't make pedal clearance but with my torch and some help from a friend we are going to bend it slightly to get the clearance i know is possible.

here is the scary part... my bike will not idle anymore... i dremeled out the intake and the carb. it takes a bit to start but does run fine but then the idle will not hold. anythoughts on this? if i adjust the screw all the way in and up at the throttle screw out the lead cable at the top it will hold but is reving way to high and almost engaging the clutch.

it may just be a small shard of metal got stuck in the idle jet deal. the only things i did were the exhaust and the carb/intake. i have not got my UNI filter on yet.

as far as removing the crank...i do not have any ideas for you there buddy... maybe one of the more seasoned Bat lovers on the forum might help us out with these issues. Tropibat and Fast Bat where are you??? :)

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You're trying to remove the pedal crank, or the crankshaft out of the case halves?

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big pulley just slides on i think, might have a circlip, cant remember exactly.. actually yeah, i'm pretty sure the little black plastic spacer is all that holds it on, aside from the pedal arm.

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yeah unbolt pedal arm dissconnect the chain and belt and everything slides out easy as hell, if it doesnt lube it with grease when u reinstall it

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He beat me to it, but yeah! That's the whole process.

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thanks doods. That will help me rebuild in the future! I really need to get the old rusty pedals off without bending my crank even more... I don't think it was my hammering that bent it though because it is bent toward the pedal.

Is there anywhere to get new pedal crank arms or are we stuck using the OE ones?

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#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Drill a 1/32" hole in stock carb to vent float chamber to back of air filter/box. see pic.

Helps stop 4stroking at top sped.

Plug vent on float cover.

O and i have made 7 13mm Encarwi intake manifolds and 6 15mm intake manifolds for SHA's

Fast Bat out


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Woah woah. Wayne you really are crazy. I don't have much of a clue why this helps or even where the hole is in that pic. must be what the red thing is jammed into. does this create more of a vacuum at the top of the float bowl (by having the hole in the carb area) that the fuel doesn't have as much pressure to force it through the jet? I think I'm starting to get it, but you have to have the hole high enough so that fuel doesn't just flow through it too...

Do you sell those manifolds u make eh? eh? hehehe.

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#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

And make the (I) notch on the slide look like a (Y) 50%(I) 50%(Y) see pic.

Shod help idle .

I hope you did not cut the venture floor down where the slide sits.

Fast Bat out


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nope I didn't cut anything on my s25 carb yet, just polished. So I was correct in my thinking I guess or you'd have corrected me?

Do u have a website with this stuff on it am I missing something here? Maybe like one huge old thread that u did.

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#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

No the red stick marks the spot to pin drill fond better pic.

Stops air presser from pushing gas up the jet like a choke wood.

And yes 13mm stock or 15mm sha working on 15mm PHBG right know.


Fast Bat out


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wayne your back! i am going to be late for work but wanted to thank you for the info on the idle problem!!! that slide mod looks like it will cure my issues. was oh so very careful not to mess anything with the slide, where it sets or the brass in that area.

i will need some more help later if you are around sir.

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Hey folks, i just got a 78 starflite and i am looking into carb options because mine is leaky and finicky, is the stock one salvagable or should i just go with a Dellorto SHA 15mm, or even one of the ebay dellorto knock offs? Thanks.

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