Piston Rings, Positions. pins, etc

I have noticed that most two ringed set ups have the pins and the ring gaps on the exhaust side. ( Most, meaning allthe ones Ihave in my garage.) The super 50cc AV10 has two rings and they are on the intake side.

Now this is where you all can tell me my idea is wrong...

Yes even with the malossi 50cc screamer kit I'm still playing around with my spare AV7 jugs.

The Goal: to stick a reed in the piston port intake.

The Question: How bad would it be to turn my AV7 piston 180 degrees in the bore to put the ring gaps on the intake side.

p.s. don't ask no more questions of how i intend to stuff the reeeds in there or the holes i'll have to cut in the piston...


fire away

Re: Piston Rings, Positions. pins, etc

Klen Kahdidlehopper /

putting the gaps of the rings on the intake side should work as long as the gaps ride against the cylinder wall for the full travel of the piston. the ring gaps are likely to poke out and catch a port when they are inline with one.

Re: Piston Rings, Positions. pins, etc

Crackstar X /

Ok, my idea gets +1!

on the intake side the rings never descend past the intake port roof, so no snagging should or could occur,

Re: Piston Rings, Positions. pins, etc

As long as you don't have a boost port (holes near the crown of the piston), and, as has been stated, your locator pins don't cross into an open port at any point, you should be cool.

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