Light mods/stuffs on my '80 Bat VAII

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So I'm starting a winter project which will eventually include porting, head mill, (modified tomos) techno bullet exhaust, and a UNI filter. What I have done so far is fix the loose brake cables w/ new barrels @ the ends, and rly light port, but pretty good polish on the intake manifold + carb venturi. Also sealed up the leak from the jet and adjusted float. I'm lovin' it.

I did the clutch mod also, and it rocks as usual! I just hope it doesn't put too much extra strain on my clutch, but it's new so whatever. I probably have about half the balls in the clutch and the fish tank stuff in between just an FYI.

I need to finish up painting and pick some new handlebars because these are a little bent out of shape from when I transported it home in my old cavalier looooll, u do what u have to when ur young.

If these don't show up feel free to hop on my photobucket acct.

Clean carb, semi poor location Batavus!

Hopefully you can see the shineyness inside.

My proud muffler fix at the moment lawl. Read below for details but it sounds pretty nice though!

Sorry I don't take close up pics well sometimes. Intake and reeds shown.

Jet: funny story, it's the break in jet, so I'm leaving it in when the air filter comes. (#58, should be 56 (SA25 carb))

Polished slash deburred throttle choke.

overexposed carb shot, sorry.

Just an over all pic for those who haven't seen my ride.

The mtn dew can is there because the silencer thing fell off and I couldn't find it on the roads the next morning. Uh I'm looking into putting a battery in line w/ the headlight because it is not bright enough or maybe just the old bulb sucks.

That's all I have for now. It's really nice to enjoy pedding again. too bad its colder now, but I don't care!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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