12mm bing, kstar 70cc

Would I be able to use my stock 12mm bing carb with my 70cc kstar? I have a proma GP on it also, I was just wondering how shitty my performance will be with my current carb. I don't really have the cash to buy another carb right now with Christmas comming up and what not. I tried searching but couldn't find anything involving my current situation. Thanks, Amos

Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

Better torque than stock. Wouldn't go very fast. You could gear it up but it still wouldn't be real fast. 37 mph?

Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

yeah you could get up to about a 21mm carb to work with some tuning & case matching

what you have will work but you definatl arent going to get the potential from the 70cc kit till you get a biger carb on there

have a great weekend


Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

you can drill your stock bing up to 15.8 mm (5/8"), hog out your intake manifold, and you'll be able to pull mid forties with a decent pipe.

without a pipe, the kit is really going to suck and run poorly though.

Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

This really works!!! Lower the idle again by reshaping the slide a smidge.

Don't even think about not upjetting before starting the bike, do it while the carb's still off. I ended up with a #72 for mine, but I was running ported 50cc stock.

Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

I've read about boring carbs in the wiki, but I don't think I'm quite ready to go for it. What problems could I encounter that would totally suck, like taking too much off and the slide is wide open. After I would bore it to 5/8", how difficult is it to pick all the holes clean?

Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

my 12mm bing sucks on a stock head.

Re: 12mm bing, kstar 70cc

14 bings and intakes are available for pretty cheap, gets me up in to the 40s, or drill it for the price of the bit even cheaper. it's not that hard if you have a drill press, just disassemble the carb completely and go slow from one side to the center, then from the other, then allt he way through, clean up is easy with a thin file.

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