wanted to show off my maxi

before i throw the Ape Hangers on at least, i did a really good job on the seat. i cut up the original spring and steel bottom of the seat, welded the cone to the frame, and the spring to the seat.

specs are.

70cc Tccd Athena kit

70cc high compression head that was milled to a super high compression head (like 2mm shaved off)

big traditional intake

15bing(i want somthing bigger.)

18X36 gearing (topped out)

un modified Techno estroil

un-comfirmed top speed, but im really confident ill be breaking 50 when i get my hands on a GPS.

things i want are a performance clutch, bigger carb, sissy bar, Ive got the ape hangers, need new tires very badly

i know the 2 shoe clutch in it is adjustable, anyone have any luck tightenting those springs with positive results?


Re: wanted to show off my maxi


Ape hangers are so badass!!!

So are sissy bars!!

Glad to hear not everyone is cafe racing these days (not that there's anything wrong w/ that )

-Rock on

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

i used these and have them turned allz tha way in and 720 degrees out.. a nice difference.. go widj tha apes.... thats what I have on my ped... lovem


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

yeah throw some paz springs on a stock 2 shoe and tighten em up. youll be able to rev the piss out of that kit. nice setup man.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

have since done a bunch of porting, sha 15:15 and other goodies... always fun even in the burrrrrrr of cold


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

) Cupermcnewbster ( /


Try 14x36, you'll go faster. And derestrict that estoril.

2 shoes are very tunable. Turn those screws in!

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

^^What do you mean? 14x36 will give better low end, but not faster, right?

Sabat, will you be in Boston Wed early afternoon? If so let's ride-- I've got gps.

dan vee

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

yeah. 14

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I highly doubt you are topping out 18x36 gearing. 14x36 will get you more low end and top end because the bike will be geared to hit the pipe and pull you through the entire rpm range. I think only metra 80s can pull 18x36 to maximum rpms.

I know a polini can't and these make less power.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

honestly i like being geared out, because althou i got this kit used, and i put 200 miles on it the past 2 days, its gonna save me from over revving, and i commute all over the state.

so cruising at 45 while at quarter throttle is nice and efficient..

i havent tested compression yet, but maybe its past 14 to 1.

im also running rich, because my case match is a lil leaky.

heres more pics of the seat.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

idk, my polini is faster at 1836 than it is at 1636 even tho the max rpms drop at 1836 compared to 1636, its still overall a faster speed.

but on ur setup zach might be right about the lower gearing.

ita all about part matching.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

the ape hangers!

and my next project here.

i think i gonna strip most the metal off and make a mini magnum.

also like to show off my speederbike.

i was a rebel from endor this halloween. and have yet take apart my mopeds costume.

ahh this has made me feel better about my homeless self.

thanks everyone for the confidence booster, let me get a job tomorrow!


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

Those bars are a lot of fun! Like it!

Good work, man!

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

instead of sleeping i stayed up all night modding my clutch, setting up the ape hangers, and doing a brake job.


ok so i turned the screws on the 2 shoe 360 degrees and put some channels in hope it would engage faster, the only thing that might suck is 2 shoes dont really have alot of surface area meeting the drum, so those channels may make it suck hard. meh we'll see


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

i guess i should start a new 2 shoe clutch mod thread.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

the apehangers on it look amazing.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

Yeah, Sabat...that seat looks great. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to mod my rigid's seat to be low and swept back with the nose on the seat post. Remember...no fender to bolt to. Have to go custom. Not impossible, just a little more ingenuity that's all.

Zack could be right about the 16x38 gearing vs the 18x36. Zach's pretty good when it comes to going fast!

If people are meeting at the Middle East tonight, I'll be there with the 'new look' red rigid.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

last night i changed the gearing to 15X36

blasted down a big hill today and met with siezure.

ahh this sucks all my mopeds are in pieces already.


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

thats poopie. How fast were you going? Air leaks? If it was jetted properly and timed well, it shouldn't have seized. Good thing tccd pistons are dirt cheap!

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

sucky about the seez...nice bikes, love that blue. hows accel?

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

i was going prolly 50 when it died.

i mean my case leaked, i tried fixing it with silicone a few times, but i could kill it by spraying starter fluid around the base gasket. i jetted rich to compensate, my plug was always black, and i ran Motul 2T for oil.

i was going 50 miles at a time at WOT with no issues that werent bolts vibrating loose.

hour before the sieze i felt like it was going slower, i mean it wasent set up for high rpms, i had no rollerbearings, the pipe had the restricter in it, and the carb was only a 15. take off was a little better but im very convinced without a race crank and new bearings, always top gear your set up for a kit, at least for break in.

i was able to get the engine turn, i can tell already im gonna need a piston heh.

im totally spending my thanksgiving in the garage.


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

im sorry to here that. Good luck buddy. I like your bike. Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

spark plugs don't tell you much. All the seized bikes I've seen had really nice looking plugs. If you were to loook at my plug it would look lean but its going strong. Compensation isn't the best way to do it. I don't think the crank made a difference, or the carb or anything. If you've got air leaks, they do a ton of damage at top rpms and will seize your stuff.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

came out good man. love those bars. i just got my kit tuned today. its gonna be sweet seeing whos is faster. go to brendans tomorrow

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

looks aweseome love the bars. i think those are like freaking plow bars lol rather then ape hangers, they look comfy as shit id love a pair.

id put paz springs in the clutch or even go with the 33 dollar 3 shoe and paz spring that. so much more tunable i think.

You already know this but trying to jet to an air leak is like trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond cause the air leak can change and prob did.

i have a spare case if ya need it.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

actually come to think of it i have a 19.5 delorto phbh and intake you can use for the winter if you want its just sitting outside on a bike who's case i need to reseal cause i spent all summer chasing a freaking air leak haha

Re: wanted to show off my maxi


soo i finally took the time to take apart this top end.


siezed this going down a large hill, sounded liked" waaaaaaaahhhhhhh! kunk wuuuummmmmmm kerrrckkszss"

haha i look silly

problem found!

damage to the cylinder seems minimal to none.

bits of piston in my estroil and all over the case

ok so the reason why it siezed is obvious, and i feel like i can rule out the the gearing change as the cause. i know tccd pistons are cheap think my brother had a similar issue with his but are there other pistons out there i can buy that'll hold up better, and does anyone know why this one's exhaust side blew apart?

i dunno, obviously i need to rebuild this e50 now. ill wait to save up for a DMP stuffed crank, and a nice 3 shoe clutch, but still, meanwhile im gonna de restrict my estroil cuz theyres all metal bits in there too.

oh hey how was my case match job?


Re: wanted to show off my maxi

nice case match. rebuild with new piston. just take your time. chamfer all edges of your ports. use all new gaskets, bearings and seals, you should be fine.

Re: wanted to show off my maxi

want more input

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