Gaskets for 50cc Parma?

Hi there,

Need advice from someone who has experience with Parmakit 50cc kit.

I'm planning to buy this Parmakit 50cc kit.

Will this gasket set fit fine on the Parmakit. This is actually a stock gasket set.


Re: Gaskets for 50cc Parma?

i'm sure it will, that parma looks almost exactly stock.

just curious, why would you buy this instead of stock and have fun porting it yourself?

Re: Gaskets for 50cc Parma?

Where I live, I don't have big choice with the parts for E50. If it was Tomos it would be much easier, since there are plenty of parts available.

The shop from where I plan to order the Parmakit, doesn't have a stock E50 cylinder. If I want to order the stock cylinder from some other place, the shipping cost would be higher.

Simple economy.

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