stuck between two exhausts.

I'm looking around for an exhaust pipe and decided to check the wiki about performance exhausts. I noticed that the technigas is for high revs but saw nothing about the mid range. Then I saw the estriol mid-range until pretty high. I want the estriol more cause of the powerband but should I just get a technigas next or the estriol?

any one own a technigas? how does it run on an a55?

does it have a restrictor or should i bend the header for the estriol and run that?

Re: stuck between two exhausts.

both are pretty awesome pipes. I own an Estoril, which DOES have the restriction, where as several of my riding buddies have Technigas, and does not have a restriction. I've been comparing the two, and the Estoril seems to have a more aggressive header and coning design. The only thing is that you have to derestrict the Estoril. Sooo its all about if you want/can hack and weld the Estoril.

The Technigas is super high quality and beautiful. Con is that you have to buy or fabricate a bracket to install the Technigas. Either way, you couldn't go wrong with any of these. oh yea the technigas more expensive than the Estoril.

Food for thought, all the dudes i know who have an a55 Technigas now want the Estoril....

Re: stuck between two exhausts.

shit talkin' hippy /

must be hot

Re: stuck between two exhausts.

i've only ridden technigas on stock bikes, but in stock trim the technigas outperforms the estoril for low-midrange, but the estoril has a lot of potential on kitted bikes, pulling to a much higher rpm.

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