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so what are the differences between a normal e50 and a magnum x e50? other then that it's kick start and has the 17mm intake and bing. i've heard that it has a three shoe clutch stock and also roller bearings stock. also heard it has in intake limiter, like some of the other puchs. also know heard that it has no lighting coil. is the top end the same as a magnum? with angled exhaust port too? any/all true info would be great

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no 3shoe

no rollar bearings

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well, im pretty sure it also has lower internal gearing than a regular e50.

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as in higher top speed?

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /


its kickstart, 17mm bing, bendy intake (often restricted) and all the same internals.

The later x's in europe came with 3 shoes and roller bearing cranks, but I don't think we got them here in the states.

kickstart clutch bells are a thing of beauty. They are twice as thick as the standard e50 bell and have extra holes for lubrication. After a ton of miles with my super clutch (homemade) there was very little wear and zero discoloration of the bell.

the top end is almost the same as the magnum counterpart (so angled exhaust port), but the intake studs are more closely spaced. My jug was no different than a magnum jug. I guess all the power (3.5 as opposed to 2 hp) is all in the carb.

They have no lighting coils, but its the same stator, so you could just add one and a headlight and have lights. That is exactly what I've done to mine.

I really like my magnum x and want to ride it but my its not running just yet (again). The weak link is the kickstart recoil spring. I've seen several break but luckily (in my case) I can still kick it over. You just have to be dialed in because there is no getting away with pedaling and holding the clutch. This needs to start on a kick which gives you like 3 revolutions of the crank. Frustrating when your wanting something to run quick.

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