78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

i am working on my Batavus right now and went out and had a shop cut my pipe off and left the header. unfortunately they did it a different way then they showed me and left the header way to long. i will post pictures as soon as i can, my camera isn't working properly...

here is the thing, the stock muffler doesn't have any off the line speed and will creep up to 28-30mph on flats, but hold it solid all day. with this weld job with the Estoril i got crazy off the line speed, will rocket me up to 20mph but maxes out at 25mph!... when i hit a hill it can take it ok but goes 18 to 20mph... obviously this just can't stay the same as i'd get run over in town.

these guys charge me more than i thought they should too(just complaining sorry). so my issue now is to I shorten the header about 8in, which would render the pedals only good for kick start and see where I get or just have them reverse what they did minus a bit of the header and try the mods CrazyWayne has so graciously laid out for us...

my idea right now is to go ahead and purchase another header from MopedJunkYard and make the stock pipe mods so i can have either of them to mess with.

any friendly advise about the mod work and if it'd be fair to go back and complain about the job they did on the bike? i mean i told them put it on about here but i want the pedals to still work...so i mean they did do that but they left some space to go...plus they didn't mount it like they said...i am a peaceful dude and don't like conflict :)

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

here is the pic and yes i know the header is way to long, i almost didn't leave the shop with it... again guys any help would be great. i am short on cash and this is my only running ped currently so every move counts...


Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

lmfao that header is sooo damn long

weld 2 petals together, cut off the arm of one and weld it on the other so its longer

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

it takes literally 15 minutes or less to cut out a section of that pipe and weld it back together. theres got to be somebody in your area willing to do that for cheap.

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

yeah, thats totally wrong, you need to cut like, 15 inches out of that.

the header-flange-to-chamber length is what matters, it should be kept the same as before.

the m48 also responds really well to head decking, so keep that in mind.

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

thanks. i was considering milling the head and stuff too. i do fret work on guitars and have a very nice file for leveling out frets. i am going to use that to do the work. i figured that would be one of the many small winter projects. i am running a base gasket and will probably just take that out. i have some liquid gasket making that the replacement as well as sealing up the head with it as well.

i am going to take the bike back to the same shop and just bite it. would $25 to $30 be fair for taking this segment out? i really don't know what kind of prices are fair, they charged me double that the first time i went in...

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

i mean, it depends what their minimum is, but really, for a real, functional shop this is a super easy thing to do. just make sure you have the right measurement. i might be able to give that to you, as i welded on my own pipe on my starflite.

i do luthiery too. good subset of interests: batavuses and stringed instruments.

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

See what a muffler shop will charge you. I can't imagine paying more than $10, expecially if you've already cut it and all they need to do is weld it up. I'd try to run something closer to the original estoril header length, then widen your pedal crank.

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

well this was a muffler shop...i am just going to take it in tomorrow and have them weld it again. see if they will just do it without questions, if they are any kind of business men they will do it so i will come back with my car and such. i figured i was getting screwed. not to many places in this small town don't screw you right now as the economy sucks.

my main question right now is would it be ok to start cutting more of the actual estoril pipe off. i ask this because it looks like expansion chambers. where one gets one step bigger every 4 to 6 inches. on my batavus as you know has a pretty drastic angle at the first say 10 inches of header(need to measure) the estoril angles so that it would connect and leave about 6 inchs of original header on there. i think that would do ok. the original cut piece is really small, i'd say 4 inches. all these are excluding the originating bend in the pipe, just when it starts to straighten out.

other thing is can i just heat up my pedal and bend it out a bit or is just not plausible? i don't have a spare pedal crank around right now.

guitars and mopeds are downfall. both fade in and out of favor but both are pretty much my life right now. glad to know there are more of us out there! :)

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

ive got a 79 starflite . pretty new at mopeds. she does 30 32 all day but is also very slow off the line . a buddy said new muffler and try putting in a bigger jet. im willing to work on it myself but afraid to take things apart and such . any advise ?what are some easy things i can do to get more speed out of this ped?any help would be appriciated

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

have you cleaned out your muffler? thats the first thing i'd do. i found removing my stock baffler didn't do a lot for my top end but great for bottom end. still to me it was way to loud without the baffle.

what size jet you have in there? 56 or 58 is what it should be. I used a 60 and got good results but it's cold now so that may be why.

also try a uni pod air filter or pantyhose for a filter. you'll probably need that 60 jet or even 62 if you do that.

also i found that the suggested B8HS spark plug was not working as well as a B7HS plug. I got more off the line speed, but it wasn't much of an improvement...

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

havent cleaned out the muffler. .is that as simple as removing and cleaning out ? what should i use to clean it with . i have a 58 jet in there now and just claened the filter thats in there. looked good . im not sure on the spark plug but i can take a look at that . thanks anything else you can think of ?

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

ok guys bad news... any way i look at it the Estoril isn't going to work and keep the pedals...

i was checking the nuts on my head as i was testing for air leaks thismorning.... freakn' broke one off and discovered another had been stripped...f@#@!#@$@!!@#$!!!!!! i took the washing off and had just enough thread to carefully tighten the nut back on... no air leaks, thank God. so now i am going to just try Crazy Wayne's pipe mod today(if i can) and see what happens. I am sure the guys down at the shop will just weld back on the old pipe.

not sure what i am going to do with this Estoril - if it went just even 30 i'd keep it on there. it rockets off the line right now... i just don't want to get run over in this town.

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

wiki has something on pipe decarbonizing. i just cooked out one day and set it above the coals when they were hot. i turn it a few times then knocked it around on the concrete gently. you'll see all kinds of black crap falling out.

you can also drill holes in your baffle, not that hard.

timing is another way to help performance but if you don't know what you are doing you can really mess things up(not permanently)

are you 4stroking at all with that 58 in there? i'd buy a 56, 60, 62 and see what you come up with.

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

ill try it out . thanks man

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

jaym, out of curiosity what is that pipe you have on your Batavus?

i am going to crunch some more variables before i take the plunge and go stock pipe again...i just don't see any way to make it work right now...

Re: 78 Batavus Starflite Estoril install

bump...look up a few a posts

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