Tomos stock exhaust-Silencer Removal

Okay, I have a 05 LX, completely stock besides my 64 jet.

I'm waiting for at least 1000 miles before I get a new pipe. Its being broken in perfectly, runs at abot 35 mph now. I have 960 miles now and I want to dick around with my stock pipe. I've tried to take the head piece off the stock pipe before and it just wouldn't move, but I didn't use a lot of force.

Can I do this? and Should I do this?

And what type of aftermarket pipe should I get?

Re: Tomos stock exhaust-Silencer Removal

wow u actully are that patient my bike never started wiothout a pipe ok so get a technigasw next r and get a highflow filter like the uni. also upgraded carb would be goood idea and definatly kit the bitch Airsal kit is what i run and i love it

Re: Tomos stock exhaust-Silencer Removal

Today I just bought a spectra filter, its for cars but fit nice and has super high flow. The pipe I'm starting with is a bi-turbo, after that I'm going to either technigas or Homeot. The airsal kit can wait along with bigger carb

Re: Tomos stock exhaust-Silencer Removal

no dont go with a bi turb first I did beacasue everyone does but i realized it was a waste of money

Re: Tomos stock exhaust-Silencer Removal

bi turbo sucks those bennasar pipes treats has fit a tomos pretty well and work great

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