speedometer (again)

What's the best way to get into my speedometer so that I can remove the pin at 30mph to avoid damaging the mechanism when I go way faster than that with my new kit?


Re: speedometer (again)

i think that wont do crap. ive broken speedometers without pins.its the gears inside. wen they spin that fast they have tons of friction and since they really have no lubrication, they can strip out really easy. also i dont know how you would open up e speedo to cut the pin. i know that vespa speedos have no top end pin. but Italian speedos are generally optimistic

Re: speedometer (again)

look for a 40mph one, they pin at like 50.

Re: speedometer (again)

I had a 40mph vespa with no top pin, and i stripped it because i went too fast. The gears just shred inside and then the thing is useless.

Re: speedometer (again)

I've been trying out one of those $10.00 bicycle speedos. Before I set it all up, I was gps'd at a steady 36mph on the flats. This is on a 2-speed za50 magnum. Stock gearing 18x40.

I Measured the O.D. of my front tire @ 1800mm. Then set the speedo unit to that tire spec. Getting the magnetic sensor close enough to the receiver was tricky. I used a foam cube spacer, & connected it to my fork stabilzer bar. (see pic). I went on a test run, and sure enough....36.8 mph.

SO, Last night, I re-geared my rear sprocket, from a 40t to a 38t. Went out this morning for a test run, and top speed increased to 38.2mph, according to this speedo. It also has nice features like Max speed, Average speed, Miles traveled, Temp, & Time of day.

I will get gps'd again soon, but I think these things are pretty accurate if set up properly. Anyone else running these?


Re: speedometer (again)

Klen Kahdidlehopper /

I have a bike speedo on my pepi. logged about 2000 miles on it and still working great. They are water proof so no worries about the rain. ive had mine reading up to 55 with a buddy behind me with his car speed reading 55 as well so its accurate. You want to stay away from the wireless ones though because the ht coil and spark plug wire will interfere.

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