light bulb led conversion

my license plate light keeps buring out so i found a cheap solution.

i had a led key chain light that i use all the time so the battery went dead. its cheaper to buy a new light then it is to by a battery. so i took it apart and removed the led,its not even soldered in ,it comes right out. i tryied a 100 ohm resistor but it was too dim so i went with a 39ohm resitor and its nice and brite.and it draws much less voltage

Re: light bulb led conversion

here is a pic of it installed,i wish i would have save the old bulb .i would have soldered the led into the burnt out bulb


Re: light bulb led conversion

geez coco your like the god of leds. thats awesome. good idea

Re: light bulb led conversion

its nice and brite,no more burnt bulbs


Re: light bulb led conversion

I got some led's at The 24 led bulbs are the most led's to a bulb in order to fit the moped light dome. And you can choose a wide or narrow span of light. That's what I'll be sportin for a while.

Re: light bulb led conversion

with those LED's from superbright, do they do okay with a kitted bike? i know some halogen bulbs can be overvolted and be alright, but i don't know if the 6 volt LED's could take the extra volts from a kit. Anyone had good results...

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