carb question

hey guys whats the different letters in dellorto carbs mean?

ive got a 16mm sha

how does this compare to a 19mm phbg?

thinking of getting a metra kit and wondering if the 16 sha will give all i can get out of it.

what does sha mean?

what does phgbmean?

phbg ,as ,or ds?

what do the measure in mm a measument of?

do you like pb&j?

Re: carb question


Re: carb question

SHA is very common on stock peds. It has one jet, and is not tune able, but reliable and easy.

PHBG is a different carb with needles, slides, main, pilot, idle jets, air/fuel mixture screws and much more. Better for kits and fancy bikes because you can adjust it endlessly, but only a hand full of people on this website can actually do it.

Re: carb question

^nailed it

and, the sha is a flat slide. and it has a mixture screw on the bigger models. which makes up for the needle

Re: carb question

So what's a good carb for an idiot(newbie) to use for a kit(or in general)? Is Bing the way to go or not?

Re: carb question

bing is simplistic. Many guys on here run bings on their very fast kitted peds.

Re: carb question

How do the measurements compare is a 16 mm sha like a 19 phgb?

do you like pb&j?

Re: carb question

How the different measurements compare:

16.16 SHA has a 16mm opening through the carb for the gas and/or air to flow through.

19 PHBG has a 19mm opening through the carb for the gas and/or air to flow though.

That would make the PHBG what, like, almost 20% bigger or something? And the size, of course, is in addition to what everyone else already told you about tuneablilty and variables.

So no, a 16 SHA is NOT like a 19 PHBG.

You could also try checking the wiki for stuff like this....

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