Proma GP on a Maxi

I put my Proma on the other day and the pedals won't clear the pipe. The pedal crank does not seem to be bent. It's needs about 1/2 inch to clear the pipe.Is there anything I can do outside of metal work that will make it work? Can I bend the piece of the frame that the pipe and cranks bolt to inward without much harm? I can't pedal!

Re: Proma GP on a Maxi

I had no problem with mine. I mounted it on the inside of the bracket by the wheel. You can just bend your pedal shaft to clear the pipe if you have to.

Re: Proma GP on a Maxi

Yeah, mine fits just fine. I made a little bracket out of a piece of thin metal I had lying around. Just drill two holes in a little piece of metal. Bolt the upper hole to the moped and bolt the lower hole to the pipe. You should definitely be able to get it to work. If you can't figure it out, I will take a picture of it for you.

Re: Proma GP on a Maxi

I think I'm feeling you on this. Do you mean if the pipe sits lower under the reach of the pedal clearance, it's cool? I can see how a metal strap of some sort could lower the end of the pipe and do the trick. I'd just like it to all fit up snug. Can I bend the frame thing the pipe bolts on at all? If I could get it bent outward 1/4" the pipe could be mounted inside of it without the chain rubbing, if I could bend it inward towards the chain, the crank could clear. I don't want to snap that shit off and be totally screwed.

Thanks for the input.

Re: Proma GP on a Maxi

When I went to put mine on I bolted it to the jug first, but just a little snug. Then when I went to bolt it up to the rear bracket it kinda lined up with the bottom of the bracket as opposed to lining up to the outside or inside of it. I just gently pushed it toward the inside of the bracket and had no problem getting it to mount or with pedal clearance.

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