Express Jet size?

I put a DR 65cc kit on my urban express, what size jet do i need to get or drill it out to?

Re: Express Jet size?

Dont use the stock carb , You need one of these . I am currently selling my 19mm phbg adaptor since i got a 21mm adaptor mounted up now to a 70 cc DR kit . Dont seize .


Re: Express Jet size?

what is involved in setting this up? i notice they are only 30 dollars on ebay. how much for your adapter? i really need to ride this again soon, i go to school and there is never any place to park.

Re: Express Jet size?

ok so i just took my jet out and checked it out, it says 85 on it, does this seem like it will be enough? what does that number mean?

Re: Express Jet size?

Not sure if its enough for a kitted nu 50. What is the needle setting at ? Second fron the top is stock , maybe put it on the lower notches , maybe a bigger jet , or maybe just upgrade before you spend too much money on the stock carb . I will sell you an adaptor for a 19mm phbg for $30.00 and you can port out the stock intake , or I can sell you a complete intake with adaptor and gaskets and hardware for 75.00 . Ready to bolt up a 19 mm phbg , Send me your old stock intake as a core and I will reduce the price by 10.00 . Email me if interested in this option .

I R E Rick

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