New to Mopeds. Ciao advice plz?

Joey "Pasadena" Rodriguez /

Hi.. I just bought this Ciao.

The motor is not locked up. But the coil looks bad. Should I just buy a new one? as well as the carb. it looks bad too.

Can I just buy a bigger carb to make it a little more zippy?

Or should I put a kit on it? I don't really wanna do a kit if its going to blow up or something. If anyone has experience they can share I would really be in debt to you.




Re: New to Mopeds. Ciao advice plz?

Search for vespa in the performance forum. All vespa engines are the same, so anything advice from the other bikes will work.

Can't see the coil in the picture, so couldn't tell you. Carb will probly work when cleaned out. You'll end up wanting a 13mm one anyway, but get it running first.

Re: New to Mopeds. Ciao advice plz?

Check out lots of performance parts for ciaos

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