Replaceing puch fork springs

twospeedtony /

Anybody done this? I was thinking about doing this instead buying EBR's because of their bad reviews. The puch shop manual has the wire diameter at 3mm and the overall length at 184mm, but no outside diameter, or compression length, ect. Would like to beef up the springs a little also. Anybody have any ideas on what material to make them out of. There are a lot of custom spring shops out there.

Re: Replaceing puch fork springs

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

This post is all I could find. I'm looking for the diameter of Puch Maxi fork springs and Puch Dart fork springs. Not wire diameter but total spring diameter.

The Dart bottoms out on a pebble and the Maxi isn't much better.

I think replacing the springs would be easier and cheaper than new forks and would keep some original look.

Re: Replaceing puch fork springs

been searching for that myself reccently.. haven't turned anything up yet.

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