Best fuel/oil ratio for a PA50II?

I'm using full synthetic oil right now with a approx 27:1 ratio. After using half the fuel with a new plug, I checked the plug and it was a brown to dark brown colour. I believe I should be aiming for a caramel colour right? How high is too high for the ratio? At 40:1, do I run the risk of seizing? Appreciate the feedback!

Re: Best fuel/oil ratio for a PA50II?

King Drunky JCams /

I think if your bike is stock, 40:1 is fine. Hell, even 50:1 if you use quality oil.

Kitted, I mix 32:1 to break in, and 36:1 has been my permanent mix ratio for all my kitted mopeds.

No seizes!

Good luck, hobbits rule.


Re: Best fuel/oil ratio for a PA50II?

Awesome, I just tanked up today at 32:1 with syn. again. My ped is all stock. I ran rich the first time since the bike has been in storage for at least 3 years. This is my first ped and I love it... I wish it came with turn signals because some jerks on the road don't know what hand signs mean!!! But for the rest, its all good.

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