Stock E50 clutch

I just pulled this clutch out of one of my e50s and I don't remember what my last one looked like. I thought this looked pretty good. Is it?

Re: Stock E50 clutch

How'd your clutch get all pixelated?! You gotta start using full synthetic, saves it from pixelation!

Sorry, I have no real answers with those photos. How're the shoes and the springs? Any obvious/excessive wear?

Re: Stock E50 clutch

to me they seem super un-worn.

i'll have to go all the way downstairs to get a better camera..... aaaaah

Re: Stock E50 clutch

Are you doing a rebuild for a kit? Or just maintenance on an e50?

Re: Stock E50 clutch

those might not work, i uploaded them on facebook. but they're better pictures.

Re: Stock E50 clutch

man, nice use of the macro lens.

you have some wear on the clutch arms, and exterior clutch pads, but all things considered, I have seen worse. Looks good.

Why'd you take it off in the first place?

Re: Stock E50 clutch

i took it off cuz the bearings are screwed. and i'm taking all parts of both my e50s (and some off my a35) and making the best engine i can.

the rest of the engine is shot basically.

Re: Stock E50 clutch

"Here": is some info on clutch tuning.

I'd recommend brand new bearings and seals if you are going that for into an engine.

I'll take the case halves from you, if you don't want them. Haha

Re: Stock E50 clutch

not my first rebuild, so i know what's up. i just didn't have more than 1 clutch last time so i didn't bother looking at it very closely.

i am definitely keeping the case halves though.

somebody should seriously cast some case halves.

Re: Stock E50 clutch

sent u email

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