Magnum/exhaust question

Hey guys, my friend just got an e50 magnum, and was asking me questions about it. I don't have a magnum so I wasn't sure about some things:

I understand the angled exhaust port giving a problem with mounting pipes, but if he replaces the cylinder with an e50 kit with the normal exhaust mount, would he bypass this problem, or are there other issues?

thanks boys

Re: Magnum/exhaust question

This is true. The only difference is the cylinder itself because it has an angled exhaust port. If he buys a kit without an angled exhaust, he would use a regular performance pipe for puchs... There are angled port exhausts out there though, but the are usually high rpm pipes and would suck on a stock bike.

Re: Magnum/exhaust question

Cory (mrdr 133) /

yup! just remember USUALLY but not always the 80cc kits ahve angled exhaust ports.

to avoid this use these kits:

64cc Polini

65cc Metra

70cc Airsal/tccd/kstar

70cc athena

they all have flat exhaust ports

Re: Magnum/exhaust question

Thanks again guys!

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