Is my clutch jacked up???

So....strange thing here. On my 80 Metra Maxi N, I noticed on Halloween that the rear wheel was getting really tough to spin when the bike was off.

'Shit', I think, 'those jacked 5 stars I got gave out. Bearing must be done." I just pulled the wheel and the bearing's fine. Wheel spins beautifully.

So...I pull the flywheel cover and spin it to see what the engine bearings feel like. I mean...they're loose for sure, but it spins hard. The main thing is that it's spinning the drive gear too. That bitch should be in neutral, right?'s acting like it's in gear all the time.

The weird thing is that when I get on and pedal it's hard, but generally free. I loosened the clutch cable all the way and it's still the same....actling like it's partially engaged. I'm about to open that mother fucker up and see what the dilly is, but wanted to post and get a few ideas from folks as well.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

tranny fluid maybe? chain tension?

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

Naw....changed the fluid. It looked fine.

And, I took off the rear wheel and spun the flywheel. The main drive is definitely engaged somehow. How much, I can't tell.

I know the engine was built with brand new bearings and crank. I would be fairly amazed if those were fucked up already. There's maybe 800 miles on the engine.

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

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its possible your start clutch is slightly engaged.

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

You could've broken up your clutch pad and a chunk got wedged in there. It happens

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

Yeah....the last two opinions really sound possible. I took the clutch cover plate off and took everything down to the clutch itself....oh, wait....don't have a clutch puller. Shit. So I couldn't see the full deal. I made a big mistake, though...before putting it back together, I forgot to spin the rear wheel and see if still was tough to spin.

Shit. That would have eliminated the start clutch option. Somehow I don't think that's the case.

I put it all back together, put the rear wheel back on, bolted everything up tight and went for a ride. Rode great! Still spins tightly. I had new bars and EBR's on there since I wiped out about 4 weeks ago and bent everything up a bit. MAN what a difference.

Well...I'm feeling that the clutch is jammed a bit somewhere. When I put it all back together, I hand spun the back wheel and it actually kicked the engine over a little a few times.....yeah...without pulling the clutch cable.

So....I'm thinking it's time to throw a new clutch in it.

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

Check that your chain deflects at least 1/2 inch up or down, over-tight chains bind like hell!!

Isn't there a clutch shim that could be off after a rebuild? Perhaps the clutch is shimmed out too far and is rubbing the starter, try a different thickness shim, I've seen them recently on sale at leading online moped part retailers.

There was also a thread about the little "button thing" on the starter clutch plate/or the crank end getting worn and bad stuff happening.

Unless you see a pad is missing, it is prolly not your clutch itself. I think it's the shim, IMO.

Also, is the clutch fully set onto the crank, and not stuck on the woodruff key?

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

Hey, thanks Fubar. Those are really good tips.

I'm getting a clutch puller right now and I'll see what happens this weekend.

Re: Is my clutch jacked up???

does the wheel spin at idle? If it does, can you stop it with the brake?

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