Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

he still has a moped bottom end, it counts as much as Shaw or Myron.

back to the topic mounts will have to be either drilled or welded on to make another engine fit. probably more like a frame brace, removing of pedal shaft, and maybe moving your swing arm mounts back. if the mounts are modded there is a good 90% chance that the original motor is not going back on with out some more mods to the mounts.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

I think the question is what engine can you get for cheap. I saw a suzuki 125 2 stroke enduro come up on dregslist round my hood the other day but lost the jump. If you are serious about it take some measurements and go to your nearest salvage yard that has a lot of bikes. Or find a farmer. They always have a couple old dirt bikes.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

if your going to throw a high cc motor on a moped frame. at least make it a 2 stroke motor.

both my bros have 350cc bikes.

one of them is a 2 stroke and the other is a 4 stroke.

the 2 stroke will run circles around the four stroke.

that thing kills the four stroke anyday.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

this thread is for haters lol.

if you can slap a lifan on there for 200 bucks do it. smoke them at the rallies if you can! back up them words.

4 strokes are more reliable than 2 strokes in my book, YET im not going to say lifan is quality. you win some you lose some, but at the end of the day.. whos fast? and a 110 has the potential to hit 70 easy.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

i copy and pasted this from a little jem i found while researching for my winter project.

1972 Honda CL70

Here are the mods:


155cc Zongshen/Lifan/GPX hybrid.

GPX Crank stroked to 63mm, 56mm trailbikes top end, Lifan BVH Ported, Z40 cam, takegawa shorty intake, Mikuni VM26 carb, light flywheel, light slinger, HD clutch and valve springs. About 50 miles on the motor total. Classic Ultima Pipe. Kitaco HP Coil.


Astrea Oil Cooler (as nice as trailbikes versions)

Honda Goldwing Control

Drag Bars

Aftermarket speedo and tach

New Honda xl80 rims laced to RCM Hubs and brakes

Leather Solo seat.

New (expensive) tires 17 in front, 14 in rear

Inverted forks.

Running condition:

Everything works exactly how it should work (speedo just stopped, but should be an easy fix). Needs nothing. Get on, kick, ride. 83mph in this configuration in full tuck. Feels very firm and smooth at speed.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

King Drunky JCams /

Here's a thought...

My friend is putting a Yamaha PW80 (little dirtbike) motor onto a top tank batavus frame. As a matter of fact, I rode it a bit. NUTTY.

1st gear to about 20, 2nd to about 45? then I ran out of room in the bowling alley parking lot...

3 speed toe-shift, honda(Yama)-matic.

He's still working out the bugs, and cutting up stuff on the frame, but when it's done... all my kitted mopeds WILL get smoked.

Also, don't forget that it's a TWO-STROKE!

I say FUCK lifan, go yama-matic!

I'm gonna... someday.


Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Well, apparently nobody is impressed with the performance of my Super Grande bike with a Lifan motor. Boo hoo. Come to think of it, I haven't seen too many other moped fools out there building mopeds with modifications as extreme. OK, Rafter and a handful of others... That bike was a REAL challenge to build, to have fully operational pedals and sling a motor as long, fat and deep as a LIFAN under a moped without grinding on every speedbump you pass. But whatever, it's not as fast as a moped with a 110 pound kid on it . sob... sob... It was only hauling my 190 pound fat ass at 55mph+.

Well, there is one factor that you seem to have forgotten. low. end. torque. I would gladly challenge ANY dude on a modified moped bike from a dead stop, up a steep as fuck hill with 100 pounds of extra weight strapped to our bikes and see who has a smile from ear to ear. and takers?

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

putting a none moped bottom end on is cheating plain and simple it is no longer a moped (sweet but doesn't count as a moped). i will take that bet with u on my not moped. same ish bottom end kitted and stock gearing (5$ sound good?). generally under 250cc 2 stroke beats 4, but only at the same cc, # of gears, and tunedness (not a word but how far it is tuned).

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

one motobecane up for hill race with load the challenge plz!!!!

hey man i don't hate ur bike its just not my cup of tea. and honestly i'll probably in the same boat in a few years when i want a moped style and sized bike that is reliable that shreds.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

is this a game? i wasnt aware there were rules involved. it's not like the regatta race in one crazy summer where they put the lamborghini engine in the sailboat. that was cheating. this about building a kick ass bike. fuck it dude. if you want to throw a lifan on there do it. if people aren't impressed or think you cheated, fuck em. but if you're happy with it, cool.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

i was reading this and got to a part where someone said something about chinese quality being good and i laughed and stopped reading.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Hmmmmmm... The way I look at it, People toss out their stock Ciao, Motobecane or Peugeot case for an aftermarket one, put in a race crank, kit, new carb, pipe, and there ain't shit left of the original engine, so how is slapping on a lifan any different. It's not cheating, it's smart and a fuck load cheaper for a completely new engine, right out of the bubble wrap!!! Zero miles on it!!!!!!!!. Most good kits cost upwards of $250, that's what I paid for the engine, with carb, filter, CDI, throttle handle, cable, kill switch... delivered to my front door! Plus it takes brains and a lot of hard work to figure out how to mount it on a bike, not just buy and tighten it on. Any monkey can do that. Boooooring!!!!!! As long as a bike has WORKING PEDALS (capable of driving the back wheel), I'll considerate it a modified moped and will accept the challenge.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

most of us find the building/designing within the parameters of a relatively restricted stock engine the fun part. i'm sure its tricky to get the wrong engine bolted up, i'm working on a batavus right now with a snowblower engine. its just not as much fun for me as crunching numbers and porting.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Snowblower engine! Cooler!

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

graham, you never mentioned that. why you holding out on me?

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

graham u should make the pipe look like a snow blower end lol

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

We should have a new 'yard tools' moped class.

I was doing a ton of tree work this summer and got to use a pretty big Husqavarna chain saw with a 43cc engine. It was their mid grade saw. The big ones in the store I believe were well over 50cc. Those suckers are high revving!!!

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

ha, yeah i'm already working on the pipe for it. its 120cc's and supposedly 4.5 hp at about 4000 rpms. Not exactly a screamer. huge cavernous case and cross-flow porting, not even loop. the bat makes for super easy mounting, just slap on a centrifugal clutch and go.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

please keep us updated, i wanna see it!

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