Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Ok so for about $200, I can have a 110 cc 4 stroke automatic, that has the left hand chain drive and is like 10 hp+. This thing would send me hurtling into 80+ hyperspace, if I got my hands on it.

Why shouldn't I???

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

It wouldnt get close to 80. Be lucky to break 60. small displacement 4 strokes dont go fast

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Tommy i wouldn't say that so fast a c70 will do 40 at the worst and u really got to beat on it to do that. most do 45 and they went 50 of the show room floor. add Chinese quality, another speed, and 40cc and u should hit 55. but it losses the moped status, along with the pedals. and most options for performance partsf so if Tommy smokes u there isn't much that can be done but watch his tail lights and hope he slows down for u. that and the risk of snapping your frame in half says to me don't do it unless if the moped is already dead.

here is a guy who did it to a jawa. no body was mad at him but a jawa is junk.


Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

You know a 110 cc four stroke is only capable of as much power as a 70 cc two stroke, right?

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

I am aware that the 4 has less peak hp than the 2 but the power band is much wider. But I get the whole engine plus mik carb, plus no more premix, cdi, plus cheap kits. So maybe it won't do 80, but it would prolly jump off the line just as it would jump from 30-40, and be hard to stop.

This is all inspired by my latest attempts to seal my bing carb and my e50 head. Sealed fine, but 5 miles up the road, permatex bits got in my jet and almost caused seizure, 3rd time it's done this, and 50th time I've had to reseal, and I'm kinda sick of my dated leaky motor. Crank seals are going too, I can do a $300 rebuild with kit, and hope to hit 47, or I can strengthen my frame in some creative way, and add a $200 complete new powerplant. I saw a puny 4-stroke minibike that ripped like shit the other day, and I felt owned, guy was riding wheelies at 30+, and could burn out at 10+, bike was insane, it topped at 65.

I have two moped goals, 1) to climb 35+ mph continuous to the town of Nederland from Boulder, up the canyon; 2) Flee from a cop and actually smoke 'im, and escape, leaving the officer to try to explain to his superiors how he lost a guy on a moped. (ok now I'm just dreamin :-).

If goal #1 would hit 60 on flats too, I'de be in heaven. I'm wondering if this engine might do that, in my hands. But it must have pedals still, and be able to pass for a moped, upon casual observation.

Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Buy a Jawa and put your Lifan motor on that. What do you have to loose with a Jawa? Buy some new boots and you won't need brakes.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

ok new goal:

fix your mopeds the right way then you wont need permatex.

replace your flaot needle and get a new bing gasket. then get a new head gasket or check your current head for straightness.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Yeah, Tommy...hate to rain on you man, but my buddy did this EXACT thing to a Grande (we brought it to Flock Yeah!). He fabbed a sub frame engine mount system and modded it so there were really nice functioning pedals.

It comes with a stock 19mm carb and massive intake.

Put it this way.....he didn't even need 1st gear because it had so much power. It did 55+ easily.

I forget the gearing he had, but we all agreed that with the useless first two gears, with the correct steeper gearing it had 75-80 no problem.

Nice and quiet too!

Now if he could keep his engine mounts from breaking........then he'd really have something.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Стев Браун /

Tommy did concede that it may do 60... but his main point was that it wasn't getting close to 80.

So for two of you to say "Woah, woah, you're wrong, I've seen one do 55+", I'm sorta scratching my head. He didn't say it wouldn't do 55.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

I saw your friends grande at stinko and and flock yeah, and wasnt that impressed by its performance, which is what lead me to my post. I figured maybe that motor hits 65 at best. You would be surpised how little gearing makes a difference over 60. Its all wind resistance. Its like people hitting 60 with stock gearing on their gila who think they are going to easily do 75 once they gear it out. Doesnt happen. They get 5 mph on the top end. 80 wont happen. Skeptical that you could break much more than 70 with gearing with any kind of gearing that would be practical to actually ride.

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Yeah....at Flock Yeah it wasn't impressive at all.

I think, just from seeing the things Andy had on it that there were many, many good improvements to be done that would easily give him 15mph more.

I mean....the first two gears did almost nothing! He had to shift into third around 15MPH.

Imagine if he's shifting into 3rd at 35.

And then hitting 4th at 55!

Yeah...I hear you man, but I think with a 4 speed, there's lots and lots of potential.

Can't compare a 4 speed to a 1 or even 2 speed Puch engine. Different animals.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

i agree with tommy. I dusted that lifen with my 4pedal polini boss setup and one gear at both rallys.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

"I mean….the first two gears did almost nothing! He had to shift into third around 15MPH."

Uh, welcome to manual transmissions. I shift into 3rd at about 10-15mph on my enduro motorcycle. My point being, that the first two gears are SUPPOSED to be that low. Shifting into 3rd at 15mph is pretty typical gearing. If you're shifting into 3rd at 35 you are either riding a huge sport bike, or accelerating like shit.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

".....or accelerating like shit."

Like most 65+ mopeds I've seen. Takes a bit to get to 25-30 (Frenchies excluded).

Imagine if it was geared like that!

Listen - I agree with you guys that it wasn't impressive at all at the rallies (because it wasn't)....but man....I think most of you are short changing the possibilities of FOUR gears!

As I said before....imagine if you're shifting into 3rd gear at 35 mph?

Most hopped up ZA's are hitting 2nd around 25-30 and that's all.

So....why not regear it to hit 3rd at 35 and then 4th around 55? Am I crazy here? Or are you guys just stubborn? LOL.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Lifan 4 stroke motors are not moped motors, and thus, they suck.


Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Not stubborn, just dont think people realize how much pure horsepower it takes to overcome just the wind resistace at 65+. Gearing has minimal effect.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Ha. True, true, Tommy. You're definitely right on that one.

And yeah...it's not a moped moter. It's a sellout option. I think that's my only issue with it.

Though...I think if I were going Lifan, I'd skip the 110cc and hit up the 160cc which my other friend got for build. We held it up to his Indian Chief and we all though it could feasibly be adapted to go on there.

Now...160cc would be something to talk about. Even for a 4 stroke! For 300.00 it's a great deal, actually. Brand new with carb, intake, and all the cables you need.

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if you are gonna put a differnt motor on there why go with 4 stroke? heavier, more parts to break and sound awful.

put a 200cc 2 stroke dirt bike motor on that bitch and gear tall.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.


i have absolutely no faith in anybody who cannot get a stock moped engine to run right, to do a proper job of getting a lifan on there without it coming unglued. is it really a 'good deal' to do all that work, spend 200-300 bucks, and end up with a shitty chineese engine which breaks off its motor mounts and is roughly comparable to a 400 dollar, reliable, e-50 setup?

If you're all hot-shit pro and want to do this as a challenge, go for it, but if you cant keep a stock moped engine together, you have some learning to do before trying crazy shit.

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i would go with an 80cc 2 stroke dirt bike motor those will eeasily smoke your 140cc lifan or any thing else u can put on there with out making a whole new frame.

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just buy a 125cc motorcycle if youre going to do this.

this is like putting a v8 in a datsun, its sacriligious. sure its fast, but it's stupid.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Crap, I lost my post, due to an automatic software update, crap! Grrr...

Ok, so I spent a half hour writing a long explanation about how I am not a sellout and that I don't have the cash to deal with such frequent problems as I am encountering. I also explained that I am good at tuning for a novice, and my maxi 1 speed pushes 40, but needs a full overhaul that I dont have the money for right now. But it got zapped...anyway...

I like the idea of a small 2 stroke mx engine rather than the Lifan, like a kx 80 would be a nice motor, to reliably move the bike, much faster, and shift, and be comparatively cheap at a junkyard, compared to a rebuild of this e50 motor (which has to come off for a while anyway to get cracked open), plus new carb and all that jazz.

I'll return the e50 once it and it's entourage of parts are in order and properly rebuilt, can't beat the gas milage, I just can't afford the rebuild right now.

My first mx was a kdx 80 and it could do almost 60 onroad, then climb freakn' mountains while throwing rooster tails offroad; even with my dad on it. I want to gear something like that motor nice and tall ;-)

I don't think a kaw would make the bike a noped, just a mod bike that has five gears that I don't tell too many people about :-) It will still have pedals and be a 2 stroker.

I like the smell of two stroke too...I just want to try an franken-Asian experiment, while I fix my e50 right.


What's the best make or model of small 2 stroke Japanese mx engine for closest fitment to a maxi frame? Any tips on mounting?

What kind of big Puch pipe should I run on that, eventually? (considering making one.)

Thank you for any help you guys can offer, you guys rock.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.


Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

dude double engine motobecane av10 2x 70 malossi kits dualing dopplers overdrive pully variator setup and a manual clutch pulley....with full fairing

that will dust any lifen motor monstrosity ever, with pedals and moped bottom ends.

ohhhhhhhh i can't wait!

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.


Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

settle down elliot.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Wow, that's crazy, I'm not quite to that level of modding yet, but that sound's damn impressive, and I'm sure it rips like hell, and will toast anything I build for awhile. I do have some tuning skills, but little monetary resources right now, otherwise I'de just kit my e50, and add a nice carb, and the shooting match. I'll fix my e50 and mod it for later.

I think I want an 80 or less 2-stroke water cooled engine from an mx bike, like a kx 80 or something... What is easy(er) to mount on the maxi frame? Yam, Kaw? Size?

Thanks :-)

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

JATO rocket

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

Bump for engine mounting question.

Re: Why am I tempted to Lifan it.

elliot, your bikes dont count, because, by all accounts, you've apparently sold your soul to the devil for speed.

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