a35 cdi on e50 update

seeing as how i'm guessing no one read my a35 e50 update (as i was getting questions about it) i decided to make a whole new post. so here is a copy... "Well i got my CDI setup a few days ago and have been messing with it for a while. i’ll post pics and a write up in the wiki once it’s all together. as of now it doesn’t look like rotation makes any difference. polarity stays the same no matter what direction the flywheel spins. it appears to make the same voltage each way as well. it also appears to be measuring RPM’s just fine too. like i said i’ll post up alot more info and a full write up once i have everything running. and this is the new style CDI. "C" on the mopedjunkyard web site. also nice becuase its smaller than the stock flywheel and has a noticible weight savings."


Re: a35 cdi on e50 update

the new style cdi as in the one with a rev limiter?

Re: a35 cdi on e50 update

this one. has a smaller diameter then the other flywheel which looks like the stock puch one


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