tomos a3 suggestions?

so im about to order the dellorto intake and mount a 14 12 on my a3. im wondering if i should rip out that black air box. should i just make more holes in it? is my carb even going to sit at an angle that would allow me to connect it to that air box?

im getting closer and closer to getting this thing running.

Re: tomos a3 suggestions?

you'll want to get rid of the entire assembly and just run the mesh filter. you'll need to go up about 2 jet sizes from stock, i think a 50-54 is about the range, but i cant remember exactly. You will also want to pull the baffle out of the back of your stock pipe. With these mods you should see 35 by the speedo, if you dont something else is probably wrong with the bike, i.e. bad compression/weak spark.

Re: tomos a3 suggestions?

i took my cylinder to a mahine shop to have them take the intake from 10 to 12 so hopefully with that, combined with a new pipe and that black box gone ill have it rolling. the carb had a 48 stock jet but im thinking of taking it to 56.

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