best kit for minarelli

Hi I have a V1 minarelli what is the best setup I can put on this moped carb with jet size and cylinder with stock exhaust? thanks

Re: best kit for minarelli

first thing you will do is ditch the stock exhaust....

Re: best kit for minarelli

First thing you can do is not post the same question in multiple forums.

Second is read my response in the other thread you made about this.

Third is to SEARCH and READ because if you need to ask this question you aren't ready for a kit, because you haven't read enough about tuning.

Also you're looking at $500+ when you count the kit, exhaust, carb, throttle, cable, intake, and airfilter.

Re: best kit for minarelli

I is so sorry

Re: best kit for minarelli

I wasn't trying to be a dick, just saying that kitting requires some knowledge and you gotta read up and understand your engine before you attempt it.

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