malossi air leak

Hey guys- I've got an air leak, pretty sure its at the head gasket, which is new. Just installed the kit on a puch engine. How exactly do I fix that? The studs are pretty tight.


Re: malossi air leak

check the gasket see how it looks. try a new one if that doesn't help you can try to smooth out the mating surfaces. get some 150 aluminum oxide sand paper from the hardware store. place in on a flat mirror and run your head across it with even pressure do figure eights. when you think you've got it do the same with supper fine wet dry black paper like 600 this will polish it. its got to be a thick mirror that won't bend. Not plywood (no matter how flat it looks), not your drive way pavement, and not by hand. it has to be absolutely flat. If you have a high comp head be carful only take as much as you need to seal it. it may take a few tries. if you don't and you do this well you can ditch the gasket and raise the compression. Yay.

Re: malossi air leak

How do you know it's at the head gasket? did you spray some carb cleaner there and it died? That head gasket that comes with the Malossi is pretty thick and should seal easily. We are talking about the Puch one right? Did you tighten your head in an x pattern and torque it down to 10 foot pounds?

What intake and carb are you using with it?

Re: malossi air leak

upon further examination we now believe it is the base gasket, where the cylinder meets the case.

Re: malossi air leak

Hi Jake! Did yall scrape the old one off there and clean it up really good?

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