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Hello does anybody have any tricks to make a stock Puch Magnum MK2 run faster? I put a 14MM bing on it and Biturbo pipe and all I get is 30MPH. Any other tricks out there? What is porting the motor? Will a new air filter help? If porting will help motor who would you guys recemend? Thanks for your help!!

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hi comp head. Did you up jet?

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don't port if your a novice. i started reading up about mopeds around march and bought on in june. my dad has about 20 years of experience with mechanics and ive been reading all i can and i still dont want to do it. i think its to risky. but if you want to port then go to the performance section and search for it. then search again in the wiki. read as much as possible. this job is not impossible its just hard.

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I have been reading for about 6 months then I started porting.

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there is soo much info on this. Search up on it. All puch's have either a E50 or ZA50. Either way its mostly the same for improvements, but those are two of the most common engines on this website i'd say. Just search info on the two.

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First of all, you should be getting around 30 MPH stock. You might want to go back and check the work you did, and be sure you upjet before your Magnum seizes up and bucks you off.

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here are 3 things you can do to a stock bike to make it go faster very easily. you can only do two of them very easily though.

high flow air filter = you can buy one of these at every single moped shop for a bing carb. but keep in mind what you are doing is putting an airfilter on with LESS resistance than stock. this means more air will flow into the carburetor. 2strokes work on a very fine balance of gas and air. upsetting that balance is the worst thing you can do to your bike. if you give it more air, it will need more gas. if you give it too much gas you will run "rich" and foul spark plugs. if you run too much air you will run "lean" you can overheat, seize your cylinder and that is very bad.

the way you fix this is by jetting your carburetor through a process called plug chopping. search plug chop and bing carb and you will find lots of information how to do this. follow the instructions and it will be fun and very informative.

Change your sprockets = if you have a magnum you probably have gearing like this. if your magnum is red you have a 1 speed engine. you can tell this because the clutch cover (right side) is round. your gearing will probably be 16t front and 45t rear. if you have a silver, brown or cream magnum you probably have a 2speed. you can tell because the clutch cover is a rectangle. your gearing will probably be 18t front and 40t rear.

what you want to do is make your gearing "taller" that means either larger up front or smaller in the rear. if you have 5 star mags or spoke rims rear sprockets are easy to find and come in various sizes, if you have snowflake mags you are screwed. if you can buy a 36tooth rear sprocket. if you cant buy a 20t front sprocket. you will have to adjust your chain length but any bike shop can do it for you and if you are nice they will do it for free.

Get a performance pipe = the only tricky thing here is that magnum cylinders have an angled exhaust port and most standard puchs are flat. almost all the pipes out there are made for flat style. if you have the cash you can buy a pipe from as they have handmade exhausts in just about every size you could need. they are a local sacramento operation comprised of mopedarmy members and have great prices and will build you a pipe that will last forever and be good enough that you will want to use it later when you kit your bike. if you dont have much cash anything is better than stock. has a selection of pipes in different price ranges. if you are really cheap purchase a pocketbike pipe from ebay or the junkyard. with a puch pipe just have anyone who knows anything about welding adjust the angle of the header. with the pocketbike pipe have that same person weld it to your existing header.


you have already changed to a 14mm that is great but you might not be jetted properly. do plug chops to verify. as you can see people could write for hours about this but the best thing to do is start by using the search tool and reading about it. i have no idea any of the specifics of your bike so its very hard to respond with the exact info.

anyway have fun. magnums are highly sought after peds and will have a string vintage value if you take good care of it dude.

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i wouldn't consider a 14mm bing and a biturbo upgrades so much...but yes, high compression head will help a bit. i recommend just getting a dellorto from mr. benji at treats hq!

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get new piston rings and hone the cylinder, then break the new rings in

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floor it?

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