70cc athena sachs

anyone using one of these? they got em at treats and i keep looking..

what do yall think?

Re: 70cc athena sachs

i want one for my ktm but i too am looking for answers.

Re: 70cc athena sachs

The one with 45mm diameter?

It's not realy fast, it has only 2 ports...

Re: 70cc athena sachs

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

i am curious too....

although i think i will spend the 250 treats is asking on stuff to improve the stock cyl... my sachs is effing bulletproof and i don't want to compromise that...

i mean i think its fucking balls out awesome that someone, someone, anyone, is selling kits for a sachs. that's fucking rad. but i think doing a p and p on a stock 505 1a will get you some awesome results and then you can spend money on crazy stuff like fancy exhausts, giant carbz, shiny paints, etcetcetc

Re: 70cc athena sachs

Think of a stock cylinder with about %50 more power. Faster than stock with more torque but won't really go much over 40.

Re: 70cc athena sachs

well, those new pipes of his are a direct bolt on. was thinking kit,pipe, SHA.

is your experience with or without stock pipe?

Re: 70cc athena sachs

sachs tend to vibrate, and i've heard the piston port kits dont rev very high, but you could probably gear the rear end down fairly easily and get more speed out of it.

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