Puch Engine Case Hole?

A friend of mine was telling me that there is suppose to be a hole to let lube get to a bearing but this doesn't look that normal to me. Maybe someone tried to open the hole up cromagnon man style by banging it on a rock or theres actually something wrong here.

Attached picture of hole


Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

That looks really bad, to be honest.

kind of like you might need a new case.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

That's what I thought. Although my bike goes 35 for a stock bike and runs overall pretty well. This still doesn't look good.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

fuggit, it looks fine to me. if it works who cares.

i thought you sold it?!

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

if it runs, id run it until it breaks.

that looks bad, but if it runs 35 stock, fuck it is right.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

Klen Kahdidlehopper /

hahaha that dosnt look bad at all. imperfection in the casting. perfectly normal.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

the whole in mine looked exactly like that...when i opened up my case to re seal my case..it was shitty carbon build up...i found it was odd for it to be shiny however. but it was carbony shit.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

Crack that case and it will make sense. you'll see how it's gaped between the seal and bearing. It really threw me off the first time i saw it too.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?


that hole is fine.

they always look like crap.

If shit aint breakin off it, and it ain't causing a leak, and the bearings sit right, don't fuck wit it, cuz thats how yer bearings gets wetly lubered.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

BootyClap Ninja /

that hole is fine. My cases are the same.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

That's not the hole, but it seems to be working fine...

Miss you, tim. Fun times in seattle.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

Yeah I was having some adventures in porting land and then I saw this and didn't really know what to think. I will take your all's word for it though. =)

I'm trying to see just how far I can take this 50cc engine. I didn't sell it, I got some sense knocked into me from a few posts on here and other things.

I miss all the Seattle crew for sure. <3

I'm not done just yet.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

MetroidKittyMassager /

had fun tonight tim!

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

100% supposed to be there and looks fine. It does look like a gnarly hole, but that's what they all look like. It has a purpose...

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

BTW, After some transfer, intake and exhaust porting... my 50cc goes 38mph GPSed. Not bad but I want more.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?


My Setup:

mildly ported: intake, carb, cylinder (transfers, intake, exhaust)

milled head for higher compression

piston skit trimmed


14mm? Bing (68 jet)

15/45 gearing

techno boss pipe

This bike currently has absolutely no low end and gets up to 38mph. I'm sure it can go faster but I'm not sure what to do next. I could have went a little crazier on the porting but this was my first try.


Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

Triple post what????

For anyone interested... I just found a good reference picture for the bearing lube channel/hole. Makes more sense now.


Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

wow, your bike sounds like mine did when i had the stock cylinder/piston. i was rocking:

stock engine

15:15 dellorto SHA

Tecno Boss

16:45 gearing

and getting about 37-38 out of it. and yeah. NO low end.

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

OMG, what on earth happened to that piston in the that pic!! Looks like someone put it into a blender.

My motor's got "the hole" too...

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

is this thread giving anyone else super deja-vu? am i just cracked out?

Re: Puch Engine Case Hole?

Yay! That's my picture!

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