slow sachs!

so i have a stock 1978 sachs balboa, all cleaned up and running pretty well, but it only goes about 20 or so. i need some more speed and i'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for carb upgrade. it's a 505 1/c engine. the stock bing carb has this shitty little wooden float (30 years old, btw) and basically it just feels a little pathetic. any help would be bangin'!

not looking to spend a lot, but a couple miles per hour could do me some good. i've been thinking about an athena kit but i want to try other stuff first before i spend that much money.

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if you have the 1/c engine and you're only going 20 mph you need to remove some restrictions. there is some good info here on changing carbs break>

check the exhaust header, there are 2 sizes that they came with; a small restrictive one and a larger less restrictive one. if you have the smaller one, order the larger one from handybikes for.... i think 15 plus shipping.

take the exhaust off and try and clean it out. take it off, take it apart, get some carb cleaner goin, maybe a wire brush if you have one, just whatever it takes to get that carbon build up out.

if your carb has a wooden float, that's hilarious.

if you're a little creative you can throw a delorto on that bitch.

do that, plus an expansion chamber, you should be goin 30-35.

one note

whatever you decide to do, will require patience, creativity, patience, getting dirty, patience, etc etc etc. unlike a puch or a tomos, there really isn't a lot of bolt on stuff for the sachs. you've got to fabricate stuff yourself from other existing parts and materials. but it is so worth it. everyone sleeps on sachs mopeds b/c they assume the clutch is janky and there is a real small performance parts market for sachs. but my STOCK mopet does 27-32 flat, and the only mod i've done is to put the bigger exhaust header on it.


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Yeah, I think the C is the like, slowest, most non-triumphant of the 505's. Chris is right that there is nothing out there for sachs that bolts up. Just like a kit and a pipe that seems to not really exist anymore.

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sachs' are usually pretty slowish stock. if its only going 20, though, something probably aint right. it might be 4stroking, thats a pretty common illness of recently-revived peds... usually one of the first things you have to fix. just means there youre getting too much fuel or not enough air. try taking the airbox off, see if that helps at all. also, try using the choke while you ride around to see if that makes a difference. you can read more about 4 stroking in freds guide

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most likely a cloggy exhaust. a stock C motor should be good for 30+, they are faster than B's but slower than some A's depending on gearing. Balboas with mags have super low stock gearing.

The proma GP would be a great pipe to cut-and-weld on there, along with a 14SHA dellorto- which is a direct bolt-on. you should be at 35 no prob. Check to make sure the rings aren't toast, a lot of sachs come with bad rings imo.

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well, i've cleaned out the exhaust pretty thoroughly and that totally helped, but that was when it topped out at like 15. after that i had to fix the timing (because it was misfiring like crazy from the getgo) and 20's the best it's run. i'll take another look and see if there's a clog i missed.

i can't seem to find the larger exhaust header on handybikes... think you could give me a link, chris?

it's completely possible that it's 4-stroking... right now my air filter is a couple layers of pantyhose... the airfilter that was on it when i bought it was probably original to the bike, and i didn't think it was worth it to spend $35 on a new one. if i should do something else, though, please advise!

as soon as i get my hands on a dellorto i'll throw that on. i'm pretty stoked on it. thanks for the help, guys!

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i assume your choke cable is working properly.

since you ditched the airbox, try and ride around with the choke pulled 1/2 way in, or 3/4 in....

what you want to do is give yourself like, a good 1/4 - 1/2 mile on flat land with no stops, go full throttle, when you are at top speed, slowly engage the choke untill either you start going faster or going slower.

the choke on the sachs actually restricts the airflow coming into the carb, making it much richer..... so if it runs better when you are engaging the choke, that means you are pushing too much air into the engine when it is off. can you dig it?

"here is an exhaust header for a sachs, just not the one you want":

but email bj from handy bikes, i'm sure he has the one you want.

try playing with the choke. if that helps then i have more ideas.

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