Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

To all the Grande masters out there,.....what are my options for rear shocks? What size are they?

Any heavy duty options for bigger guys (I weigh 220 lbs.)?

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

what? im 230 and even riding doubles those shocks are amazing

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

The Grande has some of the best stock suspension of any moped. I wouldn't mess with it unless the springs are worn out.

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

Really? They don't make rear aftermarket shocks that are superior to the 30 year old stock shocks?

There are only 1100 orig. miles on my bike,....but the shocks are 30 years old and have had to lose some pressure over the past 3 decades.

Anyway,....I was hoping that I could do better. This is my first moped,.....but I've owned plenty of motorcycles - and this suspension feels incredibly sloppy in comparison to my cycles. Maybe I'm just not used to the more delicate nature of a moped,.....but it feels kinda crappy when I hit bumps. There seems to be too much travel in the shocks for my taste. I prefer a much stiffer suspension.

Regardless,....if 30 year old stock is the best I can do (suspension wise), then I guess I need to get used to it. But I am surprised that there is no superior, modern after market upgrade.

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

James, the way, if you could also follow up in your thread about the "low end grande problem", I would really appreciate it.

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

I'm sure there are better shocks out there, if you want to drop some money into it. They're kind of an off size for moped shocks, so you'll probly have to poke around a bit. You'll want to beef up the subframe/swingarm probly. I welded 11ga cut to fit into the RH side of mine.

The Grande low end turned out to be jetting, though I have no idea how. I had it at 78 after kitting and everything was great, then after about 1000mi it (rather suddenly) started sucking ass on take off. Went over so much crap on that bike I don't even remember it all, and basically it was just idling really rich and building up so much fuel it would 4 stroke forever when you tried to rev it out. Would have to pedal it up to low speed before it would start to wind. I jetted down to a 76 last weekend and it responds very well now. It just makes no sense why I would suddenly have to downjet, and that right as it's getting cold, when I should, if anything, be going up. Weird.

Basically it's those damned SHA carbs with only one jet so you have to tune for top end and screw your low end all up.

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

John, I recommend my setup. There have been headaches along the way for sure, but once it's running, there is no feeling like blasting down Main St at 50+ on the Grande. Glorious.

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

You're pretty much running the exact set up that I have been considering,.......excpept I haven't researched the crank yet - and benji at treats suggested the techno circuit pipe for my applications.

Unfortunately,...I don't know how to weld (nor do I have the gear), so rear shock upgrades are the only realistic options I have in regards to beefing up my suspension - and apparently my options aren't very good there either.

As far as your jetting problem,'s interesting to me. My grande is currently stock (except for a new malossi multivar variator - but I may just drill out my weights on my original variator and sell the malossi, because it hasn't impressed me so far). With my stock variator and stock set up, I get a great top end performance - but horrible low end (I need to peddle for quickness, to get going in most intersections). I am not educated enough to recognize the sound of 4 stroking, but my plugs are blackening pretty quickly and the exhaust absolutely REEKS of gas - so I am assuming that I am running really rich, which seems strange with stock jetting. I would downjet,.....but I am waiting on a techno circuit pipe, and I was told that I will need to upjet when I go to that pipe. So if my stock jet is currently too big, maybe the techno circuit pipe will balance me out and I won't need to change my jetting once I go to that pipe.

By the way,....what is the stock jet size on a grande?

Re: Vespa Grande: rear shock options???

If it's the 12/12 or 12/10 carb it's a 49.

A clogged air filter would make you run rich. Four stroking sound like a slightly anemic growl, where your 2-stroke should sound like ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, really high-pitched and all.

Keep the multivar, it rocks and it's rockin' will become much more apparent when your engine is making a bit more power.

I have the 10mm DMP crank from Zippy, and so far I'm quite satisfied with it. I sheared a TOP crank from treats, but I think that had more to do with a fractured flywheel than a bad crank.

You can probly get the local welding/machine shop to brace your swingarm for you. Youll want to do it if you start hopping up the engine. It's not really the bumps that will crack it so much as engine torque, and that light gauge steel is just not up to a moderately powerful modded engine. Not like you have to do it immediately; just keep checking your RH subframe from time to'll know when its time :)

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my stock 12/10 had a 43 jet in it and that was factory safe (rich-ish). if he's all stock a 49 is too big. but yah, clean up your air box, I took all the internals out so it flows better did that with the 43 jet stock pipe it was better. got the good Polini Pipe and jumped to a 50 a 49 might be better. Tried a 52 with just pantyhose fouled the plug. tried a high flow air filter (treats) with the fifty back in didn't sound happy. so i put the stock gutted box back on. happy as could be. I'll hold off on the high flow and up jet till I get the 13.13 which as I understand comes with a 66 jet. check out the tuners spread sheet, it is so useful. there is a link in the wiki or can just search "spread sheet" in Performance and it will come up. remember altitude and temp make a big difference when you're looking at other peoples setups. I'm in San Francisco (sea level) and its pretty cold so I doubt you'll need bigger jets than me. but hey size doesn't matter. Oh wait it does doesn't it.

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