Tomos handlebar drop...

So I decided to drop my bars to something straighter and flatter.

My initial inclination was to pick up a matte black mountain bike 7/8 bar and mount it. Then I noticed the bump in the middle or lack of one on my Tomos handlebars. Also what's the secret to keeping the cables clean and not wrapping them, folding or wire tying them to look clean?

What are some of the best practices to dropping your bar height? Not looking for Cafe or anything, just flat and low.

Re: Tomos handlebar drop...

7/8 motorcycle handlebars work well and you don't have to worry about the larger center found on bicycle bars. The wiring and cables can usually be pulled down towards the engine a little to take up some of the slack. You could also shorten the cables if you wanted.

Re: Tomos handlebar drop...

John Joedicke /

7/8" stainless tubing sold at marine supply joints. Sold by the foot.

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