Port matching

what exactly does this entail

Re: Port matching

Check the wiki. I just read over Smitty's tute the other night. Good stuff. With port matching you're just making the holes match up so you don't get unnecessary turbulence and internal drag of the gases/mixtures.

Re: Port matching

basically, just use trace the pattern of the new transfer ports onto the case and dremel to match. I prefer using titanium bits, but tungsten carbide bits work well too. also dremel the outside of the intake port (piston port, not reed valve) and exhaust port to match the components that will be attached. be careful not to punch through the walls to the studs. Be careful not to reshape the windows inside the cylinder. make sure everything is SUPER clean of metal shavings before reassembling.

read the detailed process in the wiki, though, before you begin.

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