To Stuff or not to Stuff.

I am building a new bike over the winter and have many ideas/plans, but I am of course looking to rebuild the entire bottom end, I was hoping to get some perspective on Stuffed Cranks, Oil Seals, and Bearings.

I know there are alot of options for all of the above, I have read all of the past posts on Stuffed Cranks (including MRA and MWH information), but those of you who have done it, what do you think?

As for bearings and seals, can I go into NAPA and get the same quality bearings as waiting for the FAG ones to show up at someones shop and being the lucky one to find them?

For some info: Metra 50, 19mm PHBG, haven't decided on Clutch yet, JC Penney Swinger 2.

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After reading all of the posts found in my search I didn't expect to post this and see someone having the same questions 15 minutes before me.


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your topic sounds much cooler though

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Thanks! I thought so too.

50 on 50 is the plan, so I need some money, some time, some parts, and some answers, haha.

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I wouldn't bother if stuffed is going to cost much more. Needle bearing is a must, but honestly I've seen almost no difference between a full stuffed top crank and a stock korado (unstuffed) crank.

My personal analysis of cranks:

DMP: solid except for a few where stuffing came ou

Top: Meh, I've seen a few with under 1k miles with tons of slop, both side to side and backwards and forwards

Rito: I've seen more broken ritos than any other brank. Bent, etc

K-Star: Those have the holes drilled super close to the ends. I don't think it makes a performance difference.

So yea, basically they all suck. Its pretty lame really. I'd probably be between DMP and K-star if I were looking now. After all the damaged ritos I've seen, I'd avoid them unless super cheap, and I'm very disappointed with Top quality.

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Yeah, my Astro Daimler case has needle bearings and I couldn't be happier with it.

I am going all out (since I have like 5 months and want at least 2 good bikes for rally season)

It's a shame that you couldn't have a better response on ANY of the cranks, MWH has DMP cranks in stock, and it's one that Mike is throwing in a FreeSprit Metra 65, I didn't really see any imperfections that couldn't be taken out with light sand paper (hang nails on the plastic stuffings)

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

You have a stock needle bearing crank? Why would you buy a new one then. I am really happy with my korado crank. Its got a little play, but it has unknown mileage and all factory stuff is much higher quality than aftermarket.

I would just run the stock crank, but pull off the old bearings, get some shiny new ones and seals, and to play it safe get a new needle bearing up in there. That would be super.

Do some searches on DMP cranks. The results were not pretty. Plastic stuffing everywhere. Maybe it was a one time flaw, but it still scares me.

So my final analysis:

stock needle bearing > all others (so far)

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The needle bearing is on my 70cc K-Star.

I have a 2hp e50 on a Swinger that I am building up this winter.

No needles :(

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you should be asking 6th grade girls, not us.

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

seriously why the fetish fort needle bearings? cars use bushings. i run stock crank e40 gila and am not afraid of fucking it u

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As long as the stock crank has no play, then I would use that. Otherwise a stuffed crank makes only a very small difference of unstuffed.

I would not put bearing on unless you were sure they were rated for higher RPMs. While the FAG bearings are designed to handle 12000+ RPMs, some of the cheaper chinese bearings will blow up at have that from what I have heard. . If you can get them locally great, but buy real bearings.

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I have used stuffed cranks on other projects and find that they rev slower but have more top end.

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rito: gay

DMP stuffed: gay

Stock: sickter

Top Racing: not gay so far

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