another mod

ya, another lame mod- probably done before but thought i would share. bought some light rollers from treats. good accel. but wanted to increase the weight slightly. had a roll of pencil weight in the tackle box.


Re: another mod

cut the weights, clamped down in a vice. bench clamp would have worked better


Re: another mod

roller weights increased from 8.5g to 11.5g


Re: another mod

Nice. i had to do a mod like this on my varplus for my moby. even with the heaviest weights it wouldn't fully variate, so i took two of the second heaviest weights and filled the hollow space in the middle with jb weld and before it cured, inserted some bb's for extra weight. when curd, i replace two of the weights in the variator with these two modded ones and voila, quick accel and full variation.

Re: another mod

Ehats funny i drill my weights out from 13.3 grams to 8.5 to get turbo accelleration and full variation. Seems silly for you to do that and get the same results ?

Re: another mod

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

i just dropped a roller in derbi and now it rips.

Re: another mod

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

yeah duh zack. i shared with you my mystery variator secrets.

Re: another mod

i was trying to find an easy way to add and change roller weight to find that optimum balance of accel and top speed without buying a set of rollers. but once that lead is squished in the roller, its a bitch getting it out.

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