popping my kit cherry

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So I'm getting ready to put a kit on my 1983 puch cobra. this is a first time build for me, but i work in a garage and have access to anything i might need, as well as the knowledge of more experienced mechanics should i get stuck on something.

my questions are:

1> should i get the puch 80cc kit from treats hq? if i do that i'm gonna spend the extra fifty and get the head too cuz it says it doesn't come with one.

2> how much hacking and rewelding am i really gonna have to do?

3> what size/brand carb should I get?

4> is it worth port matching?

5> should i spend the extra money and get a racing sprocket/chain?

6> how fast is the bike going to go?



Re: popping my kit cherry

Corey the Metra 80 comes with a head dude.

You must be looking at the parma by accident.

If you do get the metra 80, you need to weld around the cases with alum and then machine it ( or dremel it really frigging well ) so that it will accomidate that cylinder barrell and the huge transfer ports.

It is not beyond doing if you have alum welding skills and a welder, but its kinda hard id say.

You HAVE to port match it, it cannot be done any other way. The transfers are HUGE

with the big metra there is no fuckin around with carbs, you need a 21mm delorto or a mikuni flatside or something huge and you need to make an intake.

Then you need to make an exhaust, cuase the metra is a flat port. Or you can buy a 200 pipe for it.

Not that all this isnt worth it, im sure it will go like stink..

But you might wanna try a less huge route - a athena reed, a polini reed, or a metra 65 ( which when done right with the 19.5 carb and exhaust can scream too )

Lot o work and money those 80cc metra's

Something to think about!

Re: popping my kit cherry

Sullivan & Sullivan,llp /

i'll end up doing the exhaust too, but that's down the road as the bike gets near completion.

i'm not unwilling to drop money into this bike. basically i'm gonna kick it around next summer, (along with maybe a nice royal enfield or norton too depending on how much i get for the '60 ford at my mom's house) and then flip it when i leave for ocs.

ideally i'd want to get the best bang for my buck, so to speak.

Re: popping my kit cherry

Adding money isn't a good way to get your money back. Don't start with a Metra80, it won't turn out well. Get one of those Malossi 62cc kits that Treats has from time to time, way less $$ and easy install, awesome speed.

Re: popping my kit cherry

you can send the cases to 77 for porting, matching and welding. lil pricey, but sick as fuck.

Re: popping my kit cherry

haha columbia commuter to an 80cc puch. nice dude.

mind you the metra big port needs aluminum tig welded onto the case to provide a good seal, then it needs to be milled or grinded flat. also you need to bore out the case to accept the cylinder sleeve.

go polini, or mk65, or athena 70cc reed. easier install. and all still super fast. not 70mph but still super fast.

and i would start out tuning the stock bike first. make it as fast as mine. then slap a kit on it.

and it seems like a whole bunch of kits are coming back in stock, as well as pipes. take your time when looking around.

Re: popping my kit cherry

i agree with rockles... you want to get that beast running as well as possible stock first.

ain't no use putting frosting on a turd flavored cupcake

Re: popping my kit cherry

Sullivan & Sullivan,llp /

hmmm, that awesome analogy (similie? i can't remember the difference) really strikes me.

problem is the bike didn't run good when i bought it. it's in pieces now. so i guess i'll focus on the body and shit now, and worry about the kit when i put the engine back on.

guess there's more bondo and fine grit sandpaper in my near future than reed valves and pistons.

Re: popping my kit cherry

lol get it running good enuf to beat a stock then buy the kit (or in my case if the kit is rare buy the kit then get the stock flying then put the kit on)

Re: popping my kit cherry

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

if it wasn't running well stock, why would an 80cc kit be any better?

If you are doing this all for resale, I'm not sure how much that would help. Yes maybe to an extent, but most people getting mopeds aren't wanting to drop huge cash on something done. Most people already into mopeds would rather build for themselves or are too cheap to buy really nice, complete and kitted bikes. Its certainly a niche market.

I agree though, maybe rebuild your motor with fresh bearings and electrical, then get it going solid (like 35 on all stock stuff), or maybe mess with some porting and get it quicker. Once you have some basic tuning skillz, you can just pop on a good kit like athena ajh or polini or metra knowing you already have a solid bottom end.

I'm not saying you couldn't make the jump, but I don't think most (there are always exceptions) who just go huge right off the bat get anything out of their $300 kit. I was shocked at how many metra 80s and gilas I saw at the creature rally that were not even breaking 50. There is a replacement for displacement and its called tuning.

Re: popping my kit cherry

^ well put. fine tuning a stock bike to rip is a lot less frustrating than sloppily tuning a huge carb on a huge kit.

its kinda like beating off a whole bunch wayyyyyyy before ever having sex.

Re: popping my kit cherry

Haha. Haven't heard the term beating off in a long time.

In my opinion, you don't really have to be good at tuning as long as you pay someone to do the welding and porting, etc and have the ability to get good advice from people with similar setups and jet high before trying to run the kit...

Even people who know how to tune blow kits up...

Re: popping my kit cherry

the hard part about building a kit right the first time is all the little procedural stuff, like putting the studs in correctly, lubing the wrist pin before putting it in, etc, etc. The metra 80 requires, at the very least new bearings and seals, 19mm carb, custom intake fab, custom exhaust fab (angled exhaust port) an expansion pipe, re gearing, clutch tuning, not to mention all the case matching and porting.

A buddy of mine just rebuilt his puch, stock, with the help of his dad, a professional chevy smalblock engine builder. They screwed up a ton of simple stuff and ended up siezing the shit out of the bike... experienced auto mechanics dont always know best when it comes to peds.

Re: popping my kit cherry

seals, bearings, crankshaft. then kit, pipe, carb, clutch.

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