Case induction

Im rebuilding my puch and i figure why not do some case induction why im at it. I was wondering if it hard? cause all the things ive read on it says its not that bad just take your time. Any tips?

Re: Case induction

If you truly have the time then the difficulty should be less

Re: Case induction

i have all winter.

Re: Case induction

i hear its best to use scooter cylinders but im not sure why yet.

Re: Case induction

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

3 transfers.

Maybe try and get a moby or peugeot cylinder (H20 cooled) cylinder on there. That would rip.

Re: Case induction

derbeez ryderz /

yea man for the amount of work to amount of gain ratio its seems like it wouldn't be worth it, unless...

you do what zack says

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