Need a complete parts list for upgrades to 78 maxi

Pablo Maurer /

Hey everyone.

I just picked up my first 2 mopeds the other day. I was a longtime vespa rider and have ridden other types of 2 wheelers but never a true moped. Needless to say, I'm pretty hooked. I picked up a mobylette and puch maxi.

The puch is a 2 speed 50cc model 1.5hp. Basically I'm just looking for some performance upgrades in the way of exhaust, carb, head. I'm open to other suggestions. I am actually a Ferrari and Land Rover master technician so I am sort of beyond mechanically inclined, heh. Just never messed with peds before, or really anything outside of 4-strokes.

So, anyways, I am basically looking for a parts list - with specs, for a decent performance boost on this bike. I am trying to keep my mods under $300 or so for now, but am flexible. Thanks.


Re: Need a complete parts list for upgrades to 78

do a search on this site or check the wiki for a "parts list" but as for a recommendation rebuild ur motor completely (only if its got a lot of miles on a 2 speed tho, 1 speeds always do this when u start modding), replace all the cable and sand down the brakes, grease up the wheel bearings, and rewire ur bike to a kill switch (not the original) and lights always on then install a tccd 70 kit with any cheapo pipe, i prefer the techno boss.

thats should be right around $300 and u will be very satisfied. its all about clean builds $300 worth of parts alone makes for a bike thats $300 shittier.

mopeds have quite the grey area when it comes to performance "specs" so u won't find much here on that generally because every moped and every moped mechanic is different.

Re: Need a complete parts list for upgrades to 78

Pablo Maurer /

How about this kit?

It looks like you basically pull the head off, replace the head, piston, rings

and wrist pin? So I take it the piston isn't oversized/you don't need to bore

out the cylinder opening? Sorry for all the dumb questions but I am obviously

a noob. I'll continue to read the wiki.

Also, what carb should I match that with/what jetting?

Re: Need a complete parts list for upgrades to 78

yeah basically ur right, thats a good kit too, watch out tho the exhaust studs are welded in and like to snap under a heavy hand.

the new top end and piston will all fit together without modification on a 2 speed i believe. however u might need to trim the cylinder skirt a bit and or add base gaskets to make it all work out (sometimes 2 speeds need that with kits)

use either a 14mm or 15mm bing carb with that setup, as for jetting get a range and tune the bike into the perfect one, all bikes and setups are slightly different so there is no magic number, i'd say get the 70's range jets for this setup, but someone else with more metra 65 experience might know more.

good luck

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