Re: Rear Swing arm from (pics)

derbeez ryderz /

yea i was pretty much kidding, that is one of the coolest stock puch colors. and its so fresh looking

Re: Rear Swing arm from (pics)

Gunther McCilicutty /

I figured you were kidding. I think its got all the chrome I can stand right now.

Rear Swing arm from (pics)

Gunther McCilicutty /

Twingle- So I put the origional shocks back on and it rides real weird. they are 300mm shocks and the back end sits kinda high and they bottom out when I sit on it (175 lbs).

The new 280mm chrome ones are the ticket at this point but the rear still sits higher than stock. The EBR swingarm has different level brackets for the shocks than the stock one.( maybe 15-20mm difference)

do they make 260mm chrome shocks? Shortest I saw was 280.

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