2008 Yamaha CS50 Jog RR (LC)

I Am new here so be gentle please folks,

I recently got myself a 2008 Yamaha CS50 Jog RR (LC) and i am getting a Polini variator (9 roller) fitted aswell

as a Doppler S3R Exhaust - I know very little about this kind of thing but i read that you must upjet the

carb when fitting a performance exhaust, so my question is what size jet would be needed when i have my new parts fitted?

As i understand it the stock jet size on my bike is 60 but i may be wrong! I Also would appreciate any suggested roller weight changes

as it would save me using the 'trial and error' method, i do not know the stock roller weight.

Thank you in advance,


Re: 2008 Yamaha CS50 Jog RR (LC)

Most people here don't like scooters. As long as your doing all that I would go ahead and order a hi flow air filter as well. Those are like the three easy ways to get more speed, exhaust, filter and jetting. As for size, yeah just trial and error is your best bet. order like three or four jets, between like 6 and 16 numbers bigger, and just try the biggest and work your way down. Also do a search on the wiki here about plug chops. ThATS HOW YOU TELL IFN YOUR JETTING IS RIGHT.

Re: 2008 Yamaha CS50 Jog RR (LC)

Oh sorry, round my way they refer to my kind of bike as a Moped xD

I Wont post again but thank you very much for your reply :D


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