Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

So I've decided to go with a PHBG instead of my stock 14mm SHA.

For two obvious reasons:

- Larger bore (16mm)

- More tuning!

I'm curious as to where I should start my jetting at for a new pipe and air intake compared to my SHA. I'm curious as to whether or not it's safe to say that the main jet should be the same in a PHBG as it was on my SHA.

So far I have no idea where to start. I've looked at the tuner sheet, but there's nothing on there for Minarelli V1's running stock CC with a PHBG.

I know there's 100000390849038 threads about jetting help. I was just hoping maybe there's someone out there that hasn't put their setup on the sheet yet that has a similar build as mine.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

My 2 cents is how big is the phbg you dont want to over do it

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

she said it was a 16 phbg. i would guess around 60's for your main jet and i would for now leave your other jets stock with the carb. phbg and sha use the same main jets. good luck. i know sha 16s come with a 70 main. not sure about phbgs. hope this helps

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

i say start at about 70 and go down

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

roadent$ craig /

stacy. i got a shit load of jets that i dont use... ill let you borrow them.

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

Sweet, thanks Craig.

And thanks for the help.

By the way, I'm a guy lol.

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

shhhh! no one will help you now!

Re: Carb jetting PHBG vs. SHA

Hey dudes did you get the stator assy i sent ya yet?

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