Di Blasi R7 kit

I want a di blasi r7 kit. really bad. I remeber a post about these a while back. Somebody's gotta have some info for me.

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit

no info! all I know is thay might be 47mm pistons and thay have six ports in them. I WANT TWO OF THEM!!!

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit

This Tuning cylinder kit fits with all Di Blasi R7 (starting from 1980).

It does not fit with the early DiBlasi R2 (1974 to 1979)

Di Blasi R7 TuningZylinderKit

Di Blasi R7 Tuning cylinder kit consists of:

Aluminum TuningZylinder


Piston rings

Gudgeon pin

KB clips

Cylinder head gasket

* Vergaserd

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Yeah i translated it to but how to you buy the damn thing? Nowhere on the site it looks...

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jesse stephenson knows about these.

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You should probably let me buy you more irish whiskey for bombourbon run.

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit

pfttt... what do I know, I know they are there, they fit fine, and they are about 250 from what I gather. They look rad, but never ran one. I've ran a stock cylinder R7 and they pull about 40 as they sit. But those are also hard to get. Someone needs to find out

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit

If someone can atleast tell me WHERE TO BUY THE GOD DAMN KIT i'll post a comprehensive review with photos of the whole install.

Di Blasi R7 kit - i have it

hi @ all,

for diblasi r7 there are 2 kind of kits.

the "old" one:

- nearly 65 ccm

- 6 ports

- out of production

- i still have two kits to sell at once

the new one:

- nearly 75 ccm

- 2 big ports / no space for more ones :-)

postage to us is 40 euro

i hope all questions are answered - if not ask them at DiBlasiR7Tuning@gmx.de


and have a nice day

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit - i have it

Translation: he had malossi kits, but now there aren't any. Now he has Airsal kits. I knew it.

Same boat.

Re: Di Blasi R7 kit - i have it

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

he has 2 malossi kits ok

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