Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

So i just got this kit

seemed like the right thing to do at 2:00am , whatever.

It seems like a pretty cool kit, and looks like it will do better then the ol 504/a so it gotta be an improverment -

Thing is of course, unlike the other kits, it doesent come with a manifold, but comes with that spacer so i can flip you old manifold around and run it facing forward im guessing? Or is that for a dellroto mount? Any ideas?

If it did in fact flip my existing manifold, what size delorto would i be using, a 14:12 ? Is that enough for the kit? Any input is cool.

Lastly, that aluminum spacer thing is cool, and if anyone had acess to aluminum foundry stuff, it would be super cool to make up a bunch of these, id love to flip the manifolds on my other sachs and run delorto's kits or no kits, and i bet you could sell these bad boys.


Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

Hmmmm....first of all, yeah, Andrew, I looked at that spacer and it must be for adapting the existing intake to run forward.

But....that stock intake is so small!

My guess on the carb is that you'd want at least a 15SHA or something close to that. I'll bet that carb works great with anything up to a 16mm. 14 might be too small.

I'd be real concerned that the intake is too small. But that's just me.

I'm on the fence right now in terms of doing what you did and just buying the other one Treats has and saying, 'fuck it, I'll make it work later'.

From what everyone has said, it sounds like it's a real nice kit with good power and durability. Kinda of a 65 Metra for Sachs.

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

yeah im concerned about the small stock intake too

i wonder if a delorto or mallosoi intake will go right on without the spacer...

it needs at leas a 15 if not a 16mm

its a cool ass kit inside with those split transfers and the boost ports

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

Its a really nice kit. I just put it on a few hours ago and im breaking it in. You could you the spacer to flip the intake but it doesn't line up quite right. Its actually an adapter for using a diagonal 504 intake facing back. It does give a good amount of height to run a dellorto on there. I used a 505 intake flipped forward didn't have to shave any fins. I'm running a dellorto 16 on it jetted at 72 for break in. I was able to fit that carb on that intake with a little filing. I also ground out as much inside as i could. Its close to 15mm. I had both and that's what i opted for. Haven't ported it at all and it makes good power. I'm thinking it should hit 40 plus once its tuned. Im hitting my old top speed at 3/4 throttle.

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

isnt a 505 and a 504 intake the same thing?

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

That wedge spacer is for a different type of manifold that goes onto a differently shaped intake on the cylinder. Not really necessary as you seem to have the "square" intake. I don't think you can use it to flip your intake around, but you can try. Maby it works.

I'd have a custom intake made for a 18mm or 20mm Dell'orto. Will make the kit perform so much better.

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

Difficult to tell what intake was supposed to go on there.

I just want the thing to perform a bit better then stock, its on a sparta so i really want to either run the carb forward or under the covers - sparta's look kinda silly without covers...

I dont know anyone that makes custom intakes.

I just wanna find a way to run a 14:12 or a 15 sha or a 16 on it foraward.

big delorto no way not for a sachs clutch lol

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

I have one on my autisia kit. running a 14.12 with a 62 jet.. bike needs a bigger carb



Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

The 505 intake sits flat where the 504 sits on a diagonal. Thats why they give you the adapter. The jug is flat like a 505. Generally speaking. Ive heard of some 505s with the diagonal 504 style intake port. Anyways on a sparta foxi its diagonal style intake so you will have to use the adapter. You can make it face either way but you will have to do a little filing for max performance facing forward. Kit doesn't come with gaskets so you have to make them. I tried milk carton yesterday and soft seized today. Pissed. I tore it down and rebuilt today along with the clutch and its running well. I think im still under jetted at a 72 on a 16mm Dellorto. Go figure. I used thick gasket material from autozone and no leaks. I think that kit is gonna be perfect for a Foxi. Let me know how it goes.

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

Fish tits Krauthamer /

wish there were some more of these kits around. anyone know of anything?

Re: Sachs Kit ? and Intake ?

i have put 3 of this same kit and they are nice that spacer is for the 504 and 505 with the angled intake to go the same way as it did stock i put 1 on with a 15 big facing backwards and the other 2 with a 15 sha facing forward all ran good their is a loot of rome to port all the kits are about the same 38 to 42 but lots of mide power a fun kit

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