Re: moby secret av7 kits...

I remember waiting 5 months for an av10 case from France!

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

all u guys complaining about parts availability don't know how to use the interweb, all the shits out there u just have to look for it, and yes its gonna cost more $$$$, also u can make anything work!!! put a fucking polini on a moby... just do it, get the local machinist to re press ur crank and shit or machine an av10 kit to have an intake.

tommys right bolt on power is easy with a moby, provided u have the parts and KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!!!! god i can't stress that enough. working in a moped repair shop has made me lose faith in other ppls ability to build solid bikes. I have seen the jankyest shit u wouldn't belive.

building a fast puch no easier either, i made one, its not the fastest puch but its pretty good for my 1st one, yeah it was hella cheap and cost me around $500 for the whole thing but i got alot of free parts too, the other thing to note about fast puchs is there are alot of "fast puchs" and only a handful, of FAST PUCHS and making the latter is alot harder.

don't believe everything u hear in the internet kids. mobys r easy if u know what to do.

ps red twizzler belts suck balls, just thought i'd trow that out there, so don't waste ur $$$ fast mobys just got cheaper.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

***Kim Jong illest*** /

lol! told ya!

goddamn it elliot, i luv ya runt.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

Tommy's 100% correct. French part design is a decade at least ahead of Puch stuff.

But really, the prices aren't that disimilar between Puch and Motobecane. It's just that you can get away with using a lot of used stock stuff in a puch, but a lot of people don't. If you step your game up both bikes you end with something very similar.


$125 = Ebay one speed

$40 = Super clutch

$125 = TR Crank+bearings

$300 = Gilardoni

$40 = 70cc head

$60 = Giant four petal reed

$110 = racing 21mm phbg

$100+$12beer money = Estoril, plus time and machinist fees to de-restrict it

$40 in sprockets to regear.



My 60mph motobecane

$150 = Av10 cases off ebay with cdi

$90 = Ebay four petal Polini reed plus new Adige cages

$80 = 19mm PHBG

$180 = Doppler pipe

$130 = Doppler Crank + Bearings and seals

$200 = 70ccH2O Malossi kit

$35 = Honda elite 125 radiator

$80 = Doppler ER2 variator

$4/wk = 4l320 belts



End result? Moby blasts Puch, is quieter, climbs hills, looks cooler and goes really fast. What else do you need to know?

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

u cant compare the 2 apples and oranges my friend

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

thanks mccain.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

What do you mean you can't compare them? I just did, its easy. I'm not talking about style, aesthetics, or other subjective data. this is the performance tuning forum, and french bikes perform better.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

well duh. variator beats single speed any day.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

puchs are still faster int he top end usually tho, i don't think anyone has cracked 65mph on a moby in the states yet. will had his peugeot up to around 65mph. and lee is also pushing close to 60 or faster now that he just installed a 4 pedal on his peugeot.

mobys are still in the R&D phase around here.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

I don't know. My one speed beat about 5 or 6 variators in the drag race.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

1 speed!!

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

Tommy, did your one speed also place in the top three of the hill climbing race?

Also, I was referring to the end results of the list of part i had made. Your bikes are much more than a list of parts. I think Frenchie tuners are spolied. All we have to do is keep body & soul, wheels & motor together and we go fast. Puch tuners earn speed through shocking amounts of effort. I'm too lazy to change my main jet.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

mmmm variators.

mmmmm off the line power.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

bret, it didn't, because I fouled a plug leaving the gas station and got there as the last race was coming up the hill, but I am fairly positive that it would have.

It's definitely two different worlds of work building fast puch's and moby's. I just want my little e50's to get the credit they deserve. :)

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

***Kim Jong illest*** /

absolutly all credit due to your sick fast bike. and your haircut!

even if your bike ends up in the bronco every rally we go to lol.

super wicked bike though man. we all love you, and your record setting bike.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

My hella fast Av7 was cheap.

70cc Parma = 170.00

Leo Vinci = 180.00

19 PHBG = 100.00

Intake = 20.00

= 470

Didn't do shit to the variator, crank, or anything.

Blew up the starter clutch, though. Drill starts great, though!

I would, however, love to build a sickass Av10 some day. You can't deny the illnasty, overall low end and top end potential....especially since folks don't even really regear Moby's at all.

Tommy, your Magnum is super rad, man. It pretty much tooled on everyone at Stinko.

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

regear quear

Re: moby secret av7 kits...

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

i have my regear queer magnet on my moby tank.

man if i had the cash to throw at it, easy e50 killer in every aspect. alsoi if i was 150 lbs and wore aerodynamic hipster pants.

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