kinetic TFR

ok so i have a kinetic TFR and it keeps stalling, but it will start up again real easy. and i can't get the bitch past 25-30mph. do you guys have any suggestions?

Re: kinetic TFR

paul Rodrigues /

a vespa performance pipe will give you more speed. The stalling... you mean it won't idle if you don't give it some throttle? or is it cutting out some where in the rev band?

Re: kinetic TFR

mason welch /

it stalls when its rev'd up and going

Re: kinetic TFR

Could be a dirty carb or your fuel mixture,

I've had a problem from bad gas before. Try mixing up a new batch at 2%. Make sure your spark plug isn't loose. These bikes don't go much faster than 25-30 stock. There are a number of things you can do to make them go faster. Start reading about performance mods. Performance Exhaust, 13/13 carb+ High flow air box + adjusting your jet are good initial mods. If you want to get some extra top end, try a new pully + belt combo. You can pick these parts up from Ebay. Just google ->Treats HQ. These are all parts for vespa mopeds, but most work on the kinetic. Sadly, the kinetic is just a cheaper version of the vespa's. The cool thing is you have a CDI.. =/ woot.

Re: kinetic TFR

Next step, throw a kit on it.

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